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Cardmah, a Leprechaun, speaks about gold

In Return of Dragons, when I asked Gaia for information about leprechauns, she told me that they exist in Ireland because they are accepted there. She also said that their houses are little bumps (knolls that are a part of the Earth itself) with little doors and window boxes filled with beautiful flowers. (Picture a Hobbit house.) Their homes are quite decorative and are made invisible to those that would see them.

When I asked her what kind of clothes they like to wear, she told me that typically they wear little boots and they adore accompaniments like little belts, little scarfs or little bows. “They do very much look as they are pictured with the little hats and they love green clothes. You will never find a leprechaun in pink or in Charlie’s favorite color, orange.”

“How big are leprechauns?”

“They would be perhaps as tall as your knee, but they can easily hide themselves.”

Gaia adds that they are all males and are not interested in having female leprechauns since they are very settled in their roles. She suggests Cardmah would be one I might enjoy speaking with. She’s willing to accompany me and I intend to gate to where he is.

“How delightful to see ya. (Yes, indeed, he has an Irish brogue.) How delightful indeed. We know all about ya. Ah, that little fairy (Sheliah), she’s the one that brought us the information about ya. She told me, ‘Be prepared. She will appear and there she will be. Hide the gold; she be lookin’ for it.’”

I’m pretty sure Cardmah is teasing me because he laughs after saying that. Plus, those words sound like leprechaun talk, not fairy talk.

“Tell me the truth about leprechauns. Why are they always involved with gold?”

“We watch over it. It’s the magic in the minds and hearts of all those that are the people, ya see. They hold it as the great magic, which keeps it magic for us.”



“What do you do with gold?”

“Ah, we use it for the magics.”

“What kind of magic do you do?”

“Sometimes it is our little trickeries.” Leprechaun laughter follows that admission.

“Is it OK that I’m not interested in any trickeries?”

“Ah, but it is all of comical.”

Since I don’t know what leprechauns are capable of doing, it seems the safest to say that I prefer no tricks.

Cardmah explains, “Believe me if I’m hidin’ yur wallet, it’ll be to save ya from spendin’ all yur money. Let me tell ya about the gold, my dear. Gold holds the energy of the magics because the hearts and the minds of the people hold that so dear within them. It is the savin’ of the grace for them, and so, if ya hold in yur mind that the gold is yur magic and that it is simply there for you to have, it will appear in many forms for ya.”

(Gaia’s take on the magic of gold was this, “If you plow your field, the field is plowed. If you use the magic of gold, someone plows your ground for you.”)

“I don’t know that gold is the answer for wealth.”

“Ah, believe me, dearie-o, the gold is the answer to the magics for it is, after all, what you spend to buy. Is it not? Gold backs the money and so you allow the gold to flow to you. That makes the paper money and it makes the coin money. Forget the rainbow! That is just a story, though I must tell you that it is very true that at the end of each rainbow of the hearts of those that are dreamin’ of the gold, in their search for the gold they’ll follow it. The gold is in the heart and allowin’ it in the heart is what makes the energy flow to create it.”


At a later Joy Council meeting, I asked Gaia if she created leprechauns. She told me that although she was involved, “The leprechauns themselves were created by the minds of so many. They thought and thought about the magic of gold and how they wished to have it. They also thought of the little ones who were hiding the gold and keeping it from them. Then, of course, I had no choice but to make a little cutie. It had to be done.”

Image Copyright: AlienCat / 123RF Stock Photo



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