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Dolphin Advice About the Importance of Play

This dialogue, dolphin advice about the importance of play, took place in July, 2015 and is in Book 5 of the Joy Chronicles, Return of Dragons.

“Recently, just before I fell asleep, I suddenly felt like Flipper. I could feel my streamlined dolphin body lying in my bed and I also found myself trying to speak dolphin. My head was doing dolphin nods and my flippers were flipping but all that I managed to utter were a few squeaks. Before I could do anything else I fell asleep.

I intend now to speak with the dolphin that was trying to communicate with me and hear, “I am Keel.”

“Were you the one speaking to me the other night when I was in bed?” Dolphin sounds are my answer followed by human sounding laughter. I ask what he wants to tell me since I didn’t understand this reply.

Dolphin Consciousness Swims between Earth and Sirius

“It is a time for play. You do not play enough. Do you know the joy we have? We are swimming between worlds with our consciousness which is in both Earth and Sirius. We are guardian keepers of Earth and we are supporting your great works. You have the name of Joy, and though you laugh a great deal, I have seen very short time of you to play. You are perhaps waiting to dance in the water or on the land and to be the representation of that Joy in physical dance. As we dance upon the waters, the silvery mists and the waves that follow us are all laughing. Nothing is traumatic for us, even in death. We are as you, Joy, and we are playful and we are as you, healer. It is our mind that is strong; so, too, is your mind strong—so strong that you must complete everything before you can play.”

This dolphin definitely has me pegged. I answer that I agree with this assessment and add that there always just seems to be so much to do. Dolphin chatter follows my words and then Keel says, “I think we can play, you and me.”


“I do need some help; I’ve forgotten about playing.”

“You are very serious for one who laughs so much. That is your grace of saving. This laughter reminds you of the joy. There are those that make happiness to you. There are many of these. I have cause to speak with you more, to remind you that it is important to play.”

“Thank you. A few years ago I was with a dolphin in Florida (at the Miami Sea Aquarium) and they pulled me across the pool.”

Keel says that dolphin’s name is Coohkahrah. Then she explains that although I am hearing her now, my heart can also hear her. Her final word is “Play.”

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