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Dragon Flying Competition

This year’s summer solstice celebration will feature a “Dragon Flying Competition.” Charlie, my Swizzler son, assisted by Liponie, my genie friend, has taken over the planning for it. I haven’t been as deeply involved with this party as I have with the other ones we’ve celebrated at the Joy Council beginning with our first on June of 2014. That solstice celebration, described in Path of Sweetness, was attended by thousands of galactic individuals who enjoyed consuming Earth foods as well as learning about our cultures. That event was also the beginning of the Joy Councils.

The celebration this year involves dragons…and elephants. Charlie feels it is essential for everyone attending the party to come—he specifies from all different directions—riding on an elephant. The only person concerned about that scenario is me. Where you have an elephant, you also have elephant poop, and when you have lots of elephants, you have lots and lots of elephant poop.

Charlie says the elephants must be real!

I pointed out to Charlie that Liponie could make etheric elephants that would look just like real elephants only they wouldn’t poop, but Charlie was adamant that without the elephants that poop you might as well not have elephants at all. The good news about our poop situation is that since the dragons are consuming the energy of food instead of “real” food, they excrete little or no poop. Can you imagine how much poop a forty ton dragon (Woonfred, the dragon you first meet in Blossoming of Love, for example) would poop?

Dragons will compete wearing costumes

I don’t know the details of the flying competition yet. Charlie and I discussed it several months ago and the dragons have already gone through preliminary auditions so that the best of the best will be competing. Charlie, from the top of a really tall podium, plans to hand out medals like they have for our Olympics only much bigger, of course. I also recently learned that the dragons will be flying wearing costumes.

One of the treats for our celebration this year is snow cones. Charlie has been making cherry and grape flavored varieties of these for several weeks and storing them in a huge underground refrigerator (so as not to spoil the ambience of our party). Besides being cool treats for everybody, he hopes they might be helpful in putting out fires that the dragon babies could inadvertently start. (The babies don’t have much control over their fire yet and when they get excited sparks tend to fly out of their nostrils.)

“Snake” fire hydrants

In case a fire is beyond being quenched by a snow cone, there are many fire hydrants scattered throughout the area where the dragon babies will be located. The hydrants have hoses wound around them designed by Charlie to look like large, coiled snakes. These are another element of the party that I have decided not to question. Even though I think they will look scary, who am I to squelch the artistic genius of my son.


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