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Earth’s Ascension and What’s in it for You

The ascension process that Earth and humanity are experiencing involves an elevation of spirit and an aligning with heart consciousness that supports the higher ideals and the visions for what each of us are choosing.


Ascension is NOT:

The ascension we are experiencing is not like what Jesus or Buddha did. If it has to happen that we shimmer and everybody takes pictures of us rising into the heavens, then nobody is going to do it.


What is ascension?

The new reality of ascension is that the energy and the vibration of Earth continue to evolve and we ascend along with the vibration of the planet to a higher presence. Earth and most of humanity are currently physically experiencing the energies of the 5th and 6th dimensions. A few people are on the seventh dimension and focused on elevating to a higher presence; that is lighting the way for others to catch on. Elevating in this manner is the role that you are, at a higher level, choosing to embrace.


As you live and walk your truth, you become a great teacher. If you falter a little bit it’s not a big deal; just step aside and let things shift around you. Shed whatever would drop you from your harmony and then dive into the new stream that lets you go forward to take on more of that higher harmonic. Embrace the spirit of the highest principles that are resonating with your true energy and consciousness of who you are.


You don’t have to die to ascend:

A true ascension does not require you to die. It is a process by which your particles of light become elevated to the point where you are no longer governed by the world and the laws of physicality. At some point, you choose to just let go of the illusion of physicality and begin the next stage of your expansion in the energy of the higher stream of consciousness of the afterlife—the Fifth Realm.


(Beginning with Book Two, Blossoming of Love, and continuing in all the books of The Joy Chronicles you are offered gifts for your current life from your energy presence which exists as a master in the Fifth Realm approximately three hundred and fifty years in the future.)


In the meantime, you elevate, elevate, elevate, raise to higher levels of consciousness, step into non-duality and embrace instant manifestation. (For Earth, the 8th dimension will be our first non-dual dimension. The Joy Chronicles are focused on helping all of us to reach that non-dual reality with ease and grace.) You live, express, walk your talk and expand on the ideals of the heart. When you lift to become the best you that you can be, you come to a point where you just simply step into a new presence of being. You won’t be thinking about it and you won’t care about it.


If people choose to ascend prior to Earth’s ascension, they may choose to be of service through one of the forty-seven ascended master temples.


What does a more consciousness participation in the process of ascension offer to you?

You get to be in with the “in crowd”! If you were never the cool kid on the block, now’s your chance! And seriously, as you live your master walk—the journey of light that fuels your ever-expanding abilities to manifest and create—you become a self-realized master. A self-realized master is someone who lives free of fear, free of burdens and concerns and is fueling joyful experiences that are free of drama and trauma, lack and illness.


The Joy Chronicles assist you to see the light of the possibilities available to you by turning your attention to the reality that everything in existence is elevating to reach its vision in the divine plan. The journey of The Joy Chronicles will inspire you to catch on to the tail of that kite now and fly right into the arms of your future all-knowing self in ease and grace.


P.S. For those of you who would like extra assistance in embracing your master walk, I encourage you to investigate my www.thejoyoflife.info website.

Gifts From Your Near Ascension Self (a guided meditation)




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