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I Love the Seventh Dimension!

My current TV schedule consists of watching two shows per week; one of them is Project Runway. This is a competition featuring young adult men and women who aspire to be fashion designers. Now, if you knew how much I’ve always hated sewing and how so not into fashion I’ve been for most of my life, you would be astonished that I am watching a show like this. Last year, while visiting a friend in Rockford, I watched the show with her and got hooked.

As I’ve watched models in this show strutting down the runway, I’ve briefly considered what I would look like in some of the outfits they’ve worn. Most of clothes are just too way out for me, and some of them seem almost impossible to walk in, let alone sit down while wearing, but occasionally one catches my eye. I’ve even copied a couple of garments in the Space Between Time for Liponie, my genie friend, to move into my closet at the Joy Council.

Manifest Any Body Type You Desire

I got excited when I remembered that as I move more deeply into the 7th dimension I will, of course, be able to manifest and explore any body type I desire. This ability is mentioned in my first book, Path of Sweetness. You might think I’m talking fantasy here… I’m not.

Black is a color I look terrible in, and, of course, black is the required dress for symphony and string quartet performances. Years and years of wearing obligatory black and looking like there are only a few drops of blood left in my body have left me with an aversion to that color. BUT in the latter stages of the 7th dimension and for sure in the 8th dimension when I can have stunning, glossy black hair and the complexion of someone who is a “winter,” I will look great in black!

THEN… I realized I will be able to look great in any color of clothing—maybe even plaid. I can have red hair, auburn hair, blonde hair, blue hair and even pink hair like Sheliah, my fairy friend. I’m not planning on dyeing my hair those colors; I’m talking about manifesting, even easier than you would change an article of clothing, different colors of hair. Those kinds of abilities exist for everyone in the 8th dimension.

We Now Exist Physically in Dimensions Five through Seven

Although all of us have energy bodies that exist on all dimensions, almost everybody on Earth right now exists physically in either the 5th dimension, a blend of the 5th and the 6th or the 6th dimension. I checked with Osiris a couple of days ago and he confirmed that my physical body now exists mainly in the 7th dimension.

Maybe you’re thinking right now that the 7th dimension and 8th dimensions sound like great places to hang out and you’re wondering how you can get there. There’s good news and there’s even better news. The good news is that eventually everyone will reach those dimensions. (Those who decide to die will move directly into the Fifth Realm which is another happening place, so no worries.) Gaia herself told me that she would leave no one behind.

The better news is that you might reach these dimensions a little quicker by making some changes. It’s not for me to tell you how to speed your evolution in remembering and experiencing your mastery path; however, one powerful activity you could do would be to spend some time as often as you can pondering all the good things in your life. (You might opt for relinquishing watching the news and do that instead.)

How to Speed Up Your Evolution

My main goal in the Joy Chronicles is to speed up that evolutionary path for Earth and for all of us. You can energetically participate in the transmissions I describe in each book. (You are invited to do that in the front of book one, Path of Sweetness.)

My final gift to you is an SVH clearing intended to help you experience more joy, ease and an abundance of all good things in your life. My intention in putting this together for you was to assist you to remember, in whatever ways best fit you and your life, that you are a master.

To access this gift:


Close your eyes and imagine that you are enclosed in a capsule of divine light with a large screen suspended directly in front of you. Even if you see nothing but darkness there is a part of you that can distinguish the parameters of this gift on the screen.

Silently ask the Creator if it is in your highest good for the Creator to implement the gift. Allow yourself a few moments to hear, see, sense or feel your direction from the Creator and when you have an affirmative sense or knowing, think or say, “Yes!”

Eight is great! See you there.

In Joy,

Joy Elaine

Participate in the transmissions described above in my books, The Adventures of Joy Chronicles.

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