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John F. Kennedy’s Vision for the New Earth

Mr. Kennedy, will you share your vision for the New Earth and your thoughts about the work we’ve been doing?


John Fitzgerald Kennedy: “I have given this a lot of thought. The people of our world are endeavoring to find the meaning of freedom. They are searching to understand the nature of self and how that self relates to the rest of the world. What you expect in life is surely the harvest that you will reap in abundance, especially if what you anticipate is of a lower expectation. This is the time, this time right now, for the peoples of this world to raise the altitude of their attitudes, to expect more from life, more from the experiences of their life. Surely those values will be created to meet their higher expectation when they bring their thoughts into focus about it. It is time to dream and to dream big, as you do. And for them to never stop until they have reached the destination that they seek. This world is a place of wonder with enough resources to share. This is a new world and your book, your message, dear Joy, is that when you are one within the tribes of many, it is hope when you feel the fellowship of family. It encircles the tribes and unifies them as one; this is the focus of your book. The focus of our work is to incite the spirit within to remember that we are all of the same seed. Whether black, whether white, whether red or yellow, we are all of the same thought of the Creator who made us into being.”

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