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The Spark of the Phoenix – A Conversation with Gaia

I recently asked Gaia, the embodiment of our Earth, to tell me about some of the mythical creatures who will be returned to us when we reach the 8th dimension. Here is our dialogue:

“What about the phoenix?” I ask.

“She exists in the hearts.” she replies.

“So everyone has a phoenix?”

“Everyone has a phoenix within.”

“What is her function?”

The Function of Your Inner Phoenix is:

“To remind one of what can be.  When that is sparked within an individual, the old dance is able to die and the new spring of life is brought in to mourn.”

“Then, I want my phoenix sparked.”

“This is possible, my dear, and yet you are a raging fire as you are. Let me tell you about your phoenix.  When she is sparked within your heart, the past will fall from you.  And you will forever more be associated only with the possibilities of the present and of the future that are the brightest flames of potentials.  Those potentials will be ever brighter; every day they will become even brighter.  The project of the book is an important project; one that will perhaps carry the energy of the telepathic.  Your book will hold the full range of dialogue that does not exist in the verbal.  It cannot be read, it cannot be spoken.  It can only be felt and heard within the heart.”

“That is wonderful.”

“You can quote me on this.”

“I will.”


“I like the idea of you preparing this new book and making it available for people to hold in their hands with a date that is in the future.  So that people can begin to become excited. This volume that you create, one of many, will help to spark the imagination and the excitement of individuals who are ready to spark their phoenix.”

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