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World Missions

Each of these world missions offers you an opportunity to be a participant in a tremendous movement that is dedicated to the evolution of our world. If you can imagine the kind of world that you would wish this world could evolve to become, join in on the missions and put your vision and energy into the collective focus of thousands of other individuals that are sharing their visions for peace on Earth.

Since each of these missions is easy to remember, I hope you will select favorites to implement whenever you have a few minutes of free time.

Week 1: Heal the Waters of Our WorldWeek 2: Animal Rescue Daily Mission Steps
Week 3: Assist and Support Our EldersWeek 4: Unconditional Love Immersion to Support Earth’s Harmony
Week 5: The Oceans, the Waters and the Creatures that Live in Our BlueWeek 6: The Air We Breathe
Week 7: Implement World Mission with the Ashtar CommandWeek 8: Hug a Tree and Set Your Heart Free
Week 9: The Family of EarthWeek 10: The Spirit of Fun
Week 11: Positive ThinkingWeek 12: The Best Me I Can Be
Week 13: A Perfect WorldWeek 14: Gratitude
Week 15: Honoring the Animal KingdomWeek 16: All the Colors of Humanity
Week 17: The Children of the Earth