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Week 2: Animal Rescue Daily Mission Steps

This short recording is only effective if you have activated your Animal Rescue Trigger Process explained in the YouTube recording “Assisting Animals Crowded out of their Natural Habitat.”




Think the two words linked with the SVH trigger process Animal Rescue and close your eyes… Imagine that you step into a big room where Archangel Michael is waiting with his hand outreached to you. Take his hand and a large door opens before you. As you and Archangel Michael step through that door…imagine that a huge map of the world is rolled out onto the ground in front of you.


As you take the first step onto the map, you can feel your energy body shift into many energy bodies. Each of them is holding the hand of Archangel Michael and moving onto the map to places on the earth that Gaia has identified. These are places where you will be connecting with creatures that she has selected to receive the maps and support you are dedicating.


In each of the places you are positioned, feel your feet grounding to Earth and feel your feet and legs becoming conduits for Gaia to send her transmission.


As the codes flow to your feet from Gaia and enter the stream of your kundalini flow, connect with the divas and fairies and other earth keepers, like the whales and dolphins. Request from them that they link to the maps of their regions and that they lead each of the creatures Gaia has selected to receive assistance this day… to safety and the new grounds that she has dedicated to them.


Feel your breath sending the maps out from your heart….with your higher consciousness and soul directing them to each and every frog, rabbit, deer, elk and bear….all of the animals and God’s creatures.


Imagine wildlife hearing the call of nature whispering to their inner wisdom presence and guiding them to safety and to their new homes.  The paths to open land all over the world come alive as the divas and fairies and your transmitting maps guide the animals to their new homes.


Hold this vision and give your higher consciousness and soul an opportunity to fully imprint the maps within each and every creature.




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