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Week 3: Assist and Support Our Elders

Hi, I’m Joy Elaine. Thank you for supporting this mission today to assist and support our elders. You and I all know about situations in elder care that are less than ideal, but we’re not going to give any energy to that. You can think Wonderful World (that’s a clearing word that’s explained on my website) if you do have unpleasant memories of experiences that a friend or family member went through in their later years. Once you have that clearing word activated, it directs Archangel Michael to support them.


Today we’re going to do a blanket healing to support all elders. Right now, please imagine, see, or pretend to see yourself surrounded by the masters, angels, guides who are assisting you and have always been assisting you. While you are being supported, think about those you knew who have perhaps already transitioned. No matter how their lives ended, let’s hold the vision of a wonderful journey to the next stage of their existence. Pause if you wish.


Now, call on the masters and angels that are surrounding you and ask them to call on every legion of angels that are free to and in alignment with assisting you. Ask these angels to scan the globe and locate all elderly individuals. (The angels will know which ones would benefit from extra support.) Let’s ask these angel mentors to instill each place where these elders are located with unconditional love and to also pour that unconditional love onto each of these individuals as well as onto those that are caring for them. Ask the angels to infuse their beds, bedding, clothing, diapers or special undergarments with divine light and healing energy, especially in the areas of their bodies that are touched by urine and feces. Pause if you wish.


Ask the angels to bless the foods and fluids that they consume and to, when it is in alignment, balance the medications that they consume. Let’s hold the vision of sweet realities unfolding for these individuals and their hopes and dreams being supported. Another lovely way to support them is to ask the Creator to have their happy memories reflected to their subconscious. When their subconscious picks up on those memories, their mind will begin pondering those memories. Pause if you wish.


For those elderly who have Alzheimers or dementia let’s ask the Creator and all their guides to do everything to support that they are honored. If they get angry or confused, they and the individuals caring for them will be immediately infused with divine light, sacred rays and angels singing in their auric fields.


Hold the energy now for all this and pause if you wish. I’d like for you to, every day, for at least 30 seconds or maybe one minute, hold the vision for the elders of our world being honored and loved. Thank you for participating today.


Next week’s world mission on Wednesday, November 30th will be “Unconditional Love Immersion to Support Earth’s Harmony.”




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