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Week 1: Heal the Waters of Our World

Hello, and thank you for joining me in our first world mission. Today we are going to focus on healing the waters of our world. There’s been much talk about the world’s water and also a lot of fear mongering and miscommunication. We have the issues of global warming, Fukushima and pollutants from manufacturing and other sources. I am asking you not to focus on any of those issues today. That’s because a positive focus does more to heal and elevate the condition of water than focusing negative energy that fuels and supports those less than divine realities.


Perhaps you’ve heard of Dr. Emoto. He was a Japanese author, researcher, and photographer who believed that water could react to positive thoughts and words, and that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization.


Based on those concepts I’d like for you to imagine the words love and harmony and clean or any words that you like that would reflect the divine version of water, placed on the pipes that bring water into your home. Imagine those same energies radiating into the waters of every ocean and river and pond. See yourself standing on the shore of your favorite river, lake, pond or ocean and open your heart to send love and healing and blessings to those waters. Pause here to give yourself time to enjoy doing that. Now see the fish swimming in pristine waters and dolphins jumping in pleasure from joy at the sparkling clean waters of their world.


If you drink bottled water, you might consider sending healing and blessings to the bottled water manufacturing plants.


Please take a few minutes to listen to the Wonderful World recording on my home page. It contains important information about how you and Archangel Michael can help to transform even the most desperate of circumstances with a single thought. As you and the others who listen to this recording practice using this powerful clearing tool—Wonderful World–whenever you witness or hear about situations that are less than divine, we will see our world begin to shift to match the ideal visions we are focused on manifesting.


Wonderful world!


Next week’s mission will be to assist animals crowded out of their natural habitats. I hope you’ll join me.


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