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Week 5: The Oceans, the Waters and the Creatures that Live in Our Blue

Hello, I’m Joy Elaine, the author of the Joy Chronicles and I want to thank you for participating in this world work. Today and always we want to think about the world we live on. The one that feeds us, sustains us and gives us an opportunity to have the life experience we are having.



In today’s meditation we are going to focus on the oceans, the waters and the creatures that live in them. There’s a lot being said about how dirty the ocean is and how polluted our waters are, but we don’t want to give any energy to that at all. What we are going to do is focus on how beautiful and pristine we are choosing for all our waters to evolve to become.


Thoughts fuel our realities and thoughts along with prayer are powerful forces for transformation. So right now we’re going to be infusing love and the energy of our collective prayers into our waters. Everybody in the world prays when there is a disaster, whether it’s an oil spill or toxins that are being dumped into the oceans. What we’re going to do right now is hold the vision of a miracle healing for all of our waters. Of course we want to see the dolphins and the whales and all the creatures of the reefs being brought back to a beautiful life existence, perhaps to a life that would have been possible two or three hundred years ago before our technology developed to the place where we began dumping things into the rivers, oceans and our water table.


Since the average human being is 60% water, the love we will be pouring onto the waters of Earth will also assist all of the water in our bodies.


Just like we did in the last world mission, I want you to imagine that you are in one of those space shuttles and looking down at Earth. Feel the energy of your heart opening wide and begin focusing the energy of your unconditional love. Who better to show us how to do that than the angels? So we’re going to ask all the teams of angels that are assisting Earth to surround the globe and join us right now in pouring love from their hearts to the Earth, to all the waters and to all the creatures that live in the waters. We’re asking that for every bit of love that we pour onto the Earth, that those angels send sparkling streams of love and golden light to enhance and follow the streams of love we are sending. Imagine, see or pretend to see your streams of love flowing into the oceans and then spreading through all of our seas, lakes, rivers and streams.


You can see that even the water underneath the surface of the Earth has become so luminous with the unconditional love we have been pouring onto the Earth that the radiance from it begins streaming upward through the waters and the mists and the clouds. The health and vitality of our blue spreads throughout the whole water kingdom so that every single creature that lives in our waters is brought up to the highest health and vitality.


Take some time every day, even if it’s only a minute or two, to imagine yourself floating above the Earth, calling in the angels and asking them to join you in pouring unconditional love into the oceans and the waters and the creatures that live in our blue.


Our mission next week is a very exciting one—“The Air We Breathe.”




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