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Week 4: Unconditional Love Immersion to Support Earth’s Harmony

Thank you for supporting us today in this World Mission. I’m Joy Elaine and today we are going to be immersing Earth with unconditional love to support harmony. As you know, there are parts of Earth experiencing disharmony, just describing, and it has been that way since the beginning because of duality; however, the world is changing and we might as well begin putting a focus on that harmony and balance which we are choosing to enjoy for ourselves and spreading the focus for others to be able to step into that role of experiencing harmony whenever it is in alignment for them to do so.



At this time I’d like to ask each of you to close your eyes and imagine the Earth itself, just like you were in one of the space shuttles that circle the orb of Earth. See yourself becoming as bright as the Sun. You are just filling yourself with so much unconditional love and you are calling forth all the masters, angels and guides to join you. As they are standing around you, they are making you brighter and brighter. Each and everyone of them and you are taking in this incredible brightness, this lightness that is pure unconditional love. Now it’s very easy to draw that into yourself and to radiate it because truly the base element of each of us is unconditional love. Some of us just forgot that. The idea for bringing harmony to the Earth right now is to help everything and everyone on Earth remember that they are love.


You, along with all the masters, angels and guides now begin pouring unconditional love into a big orb of light that is becoming bigger and brighter than even the Sun. You’re going to be sending this love onto the Earth but the first thing to do is to take it all into yourself. This will feel really, really good. Just become like a vacuum that pulls in this love. As you are taking it in and soaking it in, also begin sending it out to the Earth. I like to imagine multi-colored streams of light moving in waves out from my heart and shimmering down upon the Earth—If you’ve seen the northern lights or pictures of them—that’s what I’m visualizing – but you can even imagine spraying showers of love light out of a fire hose. No worries, you won’t knock anybody over.


The ducks, butterflies, dolphins and whales, animals and trees would be the first ones to immediately recognize this unconditional love and draw it into themselves. Brand new babies, babies in their mother’s womb and little children that still remember that they are pure love begin hungrily taking in this unconditional love. They feel the balancing and grounding energy that comes into play with this immersion of love. As they take this in deeper and deeper they feel that incredible, “Ahhhhhh.”


Then there are the elderly. Those that have Alzheimer’s and dementia are very receptive to receiving unconditional love. This isn’t because they’re messed up. It’s because they’ve lost the filters that say the things that would keep them from accepting and honoring unconditional love… so they are soaking it up. All the people that are openhearted and ready are receiving this rain of love that is falling upon the Earth.


As the orb of Earth turns, feel yourself fueling this unconditional love. See it moving like a salve upon the Earth, down into the center of Earth and then flowing back out and around in all directions and circling to create an incredibly beautiful bubble of light with all the colors, vibrations and energies of unconditional love. Send it to all those that would desire it and accept it at this time and pause if you wish to continue this experience before we finish.


Thank you for being a part of this wonderful, non-manipulative way of assisting the Earth and all the people that are ready to receive this unconditional love.


Please join us for next week’s World Mission which is “The Oceans, the Waters and the Creatures that Live in Our Blue.”




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