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Return of Dragons


The Adventures of Joy Chronicles Book 5
Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution

In Return of Dragons an intervention to prevent dragons from being lured to their deaths in the past is implemented since that method of trickery could also have been the means to kill the new dragon prince, Joyyah. He is born on Mother’s Day, but not in the location Woonfred and Kira had planned. It becomes necessary to create a new world for the dragons (thanks Liponie) to prevent their capture by a relentless tracker. A plot to kill Commander Ashtar results in the deportation of Chu who are not residents of Earth. On the lighter side: Pootie gets a new life; Cardmah, a leprechaun, talks about gold and raspberry pie. The Swizzlers are successful at meditating—on chocolate—and are masters at skateboarding. They are happy to wear suspenders after they learn it is not necessary to expose a certain part of their anatomy.

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