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Heart Healing from Gaia

Receive this healing now! Just click the Play button to begin. In this nine minute recording, Gaia reminds you that everything of Earth is a part of you and she asks you to find within your heart the goodness to love everything.

Message from Sheliah

Listen to Sheliah’s message! Just click the Play button to begin. Sheliah, the fairy who is an emissary for all the fairy queens wants you to know that, “You are surrounded by everything that loves you, so please remember to love you too.” She and I also discuss how you can receive a “conk” from

Journey to the moon

Just click the Play button to begin your journey. You will become a functioning member of the Joy Council as you immerse yourself in dimensional energy that is lighter, sweeter and cleaner than what you’re used to. You will also empower your God Self to clear and re-write issues in your life now and in