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Journey to the moon

Just click the Play button to begin your journey.

You will become a functioning member of the Joy Council as you immerse yourself in dimensional energy that is lighter, sweeter and cleaner than what you’re used to. You will also empower your God Self to clear and re-write issues in your life now and in the future. Find a comfortable, quiet place to relax and begin your journey.


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14 Jun
Solstice Celebration on an Ashtar Command Spaceship

Get the Most out of this Solstice Celebration by: First, reading the Golden Ticket Blog and following the instructions to activate the two SVH trigger process we will use to create Ideal Scenarios for your life and for the Earth.

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28 Oct
What If?
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Possibilities for Your Life:
What if you knew why you were here and you were doing that purpose or being that purpose every moment?