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Path of Sweetness

Enjoy your front row seat as you take in information about the future of Earth shared by an Ashtar Commander, Osiris, Thoth, Gaia and one of Earth’s fairies. Path of Sweetness hands you your own crystal ball to see the paths leading to the destiny of your dreams.


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Gaia Speaks 26 Oct
Gaia Speaks
Gaia // 0

Gaia speaks: We have experienced stories like this over and over again, and many individuals have felt as though life could not continue as it was. The world would soon be over because of the invention of a repeating rifle.”

10 Jan
Cowboy Christmas for the Swizzlers

  I selected this theme for our Christmas party because for quite some time Charlie has been enjoying riding a mechanical bucking bull. He has mastered it, of course, and to the dismay of certain members of our council—I heard Thoth yell “Save me!” when he was riding—he has been persuading them to compete with

23 Aug
LTYBH—Cow Love
Books // 0

This Swizzler adventure happens in book nine, Flights of Fancy (not yet published), when Charlie discovers how milk is obtained. It seems that he had asked Commander Ashtar to bring him some whipping cream for the strawberry shortcake dessert he was creating. I casually mentioned that milk comes from a cow and gave Charlie a