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Paths of Freedom

In this chronicle other universes form Joy Councils, but it is touch and go until Liponie goes undercover to rescue a key figure in restoring peace and the team finally captures the mastermind (with supernatural powers) behind the plot to destroy all the Joy Councils…


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20 Jul
The Bridge into Non-duality (EARTH’S 8TH DIMENSION)

(Please read my “Everything Starts with a Dream” blog to learn more about non-duality and why you should be thrilled about a bridge into it.)   WHERE ARE WE NOW? Before I discuss the bridge, let me share a brief explanation of where we are now. Although all of us are energetically present everywhere, the

What Do You Really Want 27 Mar
What Do You Really Want?

For much of my life I didn’t stop to focus on what I really wanted. Oh, I wanted to teach music, I wanted to be a good violinist, I wanted to be a good mom and so on, and those kinds of wants were fulfilling for much of my life. But as I grew more

13 Sep
Support the Energy of the Planet

ARE YOU EXHAUSTED? If you’ve been more tired than usual it is probably due to the shifts of energy that Earth is currently experiencing. All of humanity now exists physically in the fifth and sixth dimensions. Due to the awakening that many individuals have been experiencing, third dimension left us in 2009 and fourth dimension