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Spaceship Earth

In Book Six of the Joy Chronicles worldwide disaster is forestalled by implementing an unprecedented strategy. After that dust settles, the team must figure out how to dispose of nine-million-year-old toxic waste left by the Annunaki. Other remarkable events include: Arthur and Guinevere…


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Return of Dragons 31 May
Return of Dragons

Those of you who have always hoped that dragons are real will be delighted to know that they will return to Earth when we reach the 8th dimension. Although they were restored to a position a little bit off the 7th dimension of Earth in book two, Blossoming of Love, they were discovered, in book

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Fairy Wisdom

Even though we will all be healthy after we evolve into the 8th dimension, Sheliah’s advice will still be relevant.   In December 2017 Charlie and I visited my fairy friend Sheliah in order to catch up on what had been happening in her garden. She was still writing the book she made out of

11 Jun
Native American Sacred Sites

Bear Butte was breath-taking to look at even from a distance. I came to this place on May 1, and even though the park was not yet officially open, I was able to drive through it as well as get out and enjoy the view