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Spaceship Earth

In Book Six of the Joy Chronicles worldwide disaster is forestalled by implementing an unprecedented strategy. After that dust settles, the team must figure out how to dispose of nine-million-year-old toxic waste left by the Annunaki. Other remarkable events include: Arthur and Guinevere…


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Ashtar Command Spaceship 26 Apr
Ashtar Command

The spaceship picture accompanying this article is not an accurate portrayal of an Ashtar Command ship, but the light coming out of the bottom of it is. The Ashtar Command ship that I saw was at night, and although it was a great distance away, I could see that it was just beginning to lift

17 May
Joy Council Masters of Light Assisting Humanity

In book three of The Joy Chronicles, A Wish is Granted, I spoke with some of the masters sitting around the Joy Council table and asked each of them to tell me about their origin and their role in assisting humanity. Here is what they told me: Osiris said he is the patriarch of Andromeda,

30 Aug
Ashtar Command—The Real Guardians of the Universes

Path of Sweetness, book one of The Joy Chronicles, begins with me stepping onto an Ashtar Command spaceship located on Earth’s 10th dimension. After I recovered from my initial shock of meeting the “tall, dark and handsome” commander, I began a series of conversations and interactions with Ashtar Commander Tonas that have proven to be