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Week 14: Gratitude


Thank you for joining me in today’s world mission. Our topic is gratitude. To me, gratitude is something that not only uplifts you and helps you to stay focused on a higher mind set, it also is a way for you to uplift the world. When you’re grateful for anything or everything in your life, you open up for other good things to come to you. Being grateful that you live in a world that supports you, starts a ripple effect. Here’s some examples: rather than being frustrated or upset about lines at the bank, you can be grateful for the sense of order that the banking system provides; rather than being fussy about all the problems with petroleum products and wishing everyone had electric cars, you can be grateful that there still are fossil fuels, and that many are working on getting automobiles that work with other energies besides those fuels. Bless those fuels that we currently are using and keep holding the vision for swiftly finding new means to heat and light our homes and drive our cars.




I’m encouraging you to think positively about all of those elements, right down to the restaurants. For example, instead of thinking, ‘Oh, there’s that fast food restaurant that has unhealthy food,’ think, ‘How wonderful it is that we are all evolving to a point where we are able to sense exactly what our body would love to eat and we honor whatever food comes into our mouth.

Let your mind ramble from one thing to another that you are grateful for and pause the recording now if you wish. It’s very easy to be grateful for the people in your life that you love. It’s easy to be grateful for the air that you breathe and instead of thinking about the potential toxins in the air or the water that you drink, just be grateful for the purity of the water and the air and how we are moving into an amazing new state of clarity that assists our water and air to be pristine.

Rather than thinking about any repairs your home may need, simply be grateful that you have a home. Be grateful for the food in your refrigerator and in your pantry, and for those who do not have those things, be grateful that there are tremendous systems on this world to help those individuals. You could even choose, if you wish, to be grateful that you can afford to go and get some food to drop off at one of the places that assists people who are in need.

Every time you send out gratitude, it ripples back to you and lights the way for even more wonderful things to find their way to you. The other thing about gratitude is that it can be felt by everyone. Let’s gratitude the entire planet into a higher energy and in that, let’s be grateful for the places in the world that have peace. Let’s be grateful for the days that are near at hand where every particle of Earth, every tree and every flower is a representation of joy in this transitional time.

Keep holding the vision of things you are grateful for. Make finding something to be grateful for a part of your daily routine and enjoy rippling your wave of gratitude out to others…Remember, your wave can be felt by everyone.