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Book 5: Return of Dragons

The Joy Chronicles Book 5
Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution

What if …

    • You could save a rare species from extinction?
    • What if you could travel through time, to any location at any point in history?
    • What if you could thwart the assassination attempt of a leader?

Would you take the risk?

In the fifth book of this compelling, metaphysical journey, the Joy Council intervenes to prevent dragons from being lured to their deaths as the new dragon prince’s life is endangered. A new world must be created if the dragons have any chance of escaping a 900-year-old relentless tracker. But don’t get too comfortable, because a plot to kill Commander Ashtar results in the deportation of those who are not native residents of Earth.

In this exhilarating otherworldly adventure, readers will meet a myriad of interesting characters, travel through time and space, and experience a voyage unlike  you can imagine.

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