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Book 4: Paths of Freedom

The Joy Chronicles Book 4
Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution

In Book Four of The Joy Chronicles, other universes form Joy Councils, but it is touch and go until Liponie goes undercover to rescue a key figure in restoring peace and the team finally captures the mastermind (with supernatural powers) behind the plot to destroy all the Joy Councils.

Even though the 3rd dimension left Earth in 2009, we discover and rescue 124,310 children stored in stasis there. Thankfully, there are many lighter moments, including: a chat with Lancelot (yes, very handsome); Gaia speaks about leprechauns; Trifreeah, a pink crystalline spaceship, is unveiled and christened; precautions for time travel deemed necessary; celebrating the first anniversary of their meeting, Tonas gives Joy diamonds—she gives him a toaster; they might be engaged.
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