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Thanks for your interest in The Joy Chronicles. I would be honored to take part in an interview. You will find some helpful information below. If what you need isn’t there just scroll down for contact information. Thank you for your consideration!

About Joy Elaine

Joy Elaine has a master’s degree in music and is a professional violinist living in Bloomington, Indiana. She grows orchids as a hobby, enjoys walks in the woods and playing as well as listening to classical music.

Author Joy Elaine has studied, practiced and taught Serenity Vibration Healing® & Enlightenment Technique (SVH) since 2003 and is a Master Practitioner and an Animal Healing Practitioner in that modality.

The adventures in The Joy Chronicles are an everyday experience for Joy as she lives and breathes her sacred service in these transitional times. Her passion and dedication light the way for each and every reader to catch on the waves of change that the councils sponsor and gracefully ride them along with Gaia to a new tomorrow that is bigger and better than any dreamer can imagine. Read Joy’s full bio here

Contact Joy

If you need more information, send me an email at info@JoyElaine.com

Books by Joy Elaine

Path of Sweetness—Face to Face with an Ashtar Commander. Highlights of Book One: Path of Sweetness

Blossoming of Love—A Marriage of Cosmic Significance; Earth’s Dragons Restored. Highlights of Book Two: Blossoming of Love

A Wish is Granted—See 350 Years into the Future; The First Fairy Wedding—Heart-warming and Hilarious. Highlights of Book Three: A Wish is Granted

Paths of Freedom—Struggle between Good and Evil Leads to Triumph and Freedom.
Highlights of Book Four: Paths of Freedom

Return of Dragons—Dragon Prince Joyyah Hatches on Mother’s Day 2015. Highlights of Book Five: Return of Dragons.

Spaceship Earth/Return of the Star Tribes—Enlightened Galactic Tribes Return to Assist Earth. Highlights of Book Six: Spaceship Earth/Return of the Star Tribes. 

Interview title: The Joy Chronicles

Introduction to the books: (In The Joy Chronicles you will) Step into the unknown realities that exist all around you and meet the “people” who are shaping the timing and the flavors of Earth’s evolution.

As host you may choose any or all of the following areas to discuss depending on amount of time and what you believe will most interest your listeners.

The Big Picture—this would include a discussion of where Earth/humanity exists physically and energetically and where we are headed.

a. It would also involve information about some of the interesting beings I have met from the forty-six other universes (bird people, lion people, a universe that is entirely feminine)

b. In spite of our differences in appearance, beings on other worlds strive for the same things we do—peace, love, and remembrance of the truth of self.

Mythical Creatures that are Real—their history, what they look like, what they do and where they are located. I know the most about dragons, fairies, leprechauns and genies with a bit of information about dwarves, elves and merpeople.

The Ashtar Command—who they are, what they do, what they and their ships look like and the abilities of the commanders.

Sample Interview Questions:

What was your impetus for beginning this series of books?
What is the main message of your books?
What will readers get out of these books?

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Radio Shows

Joy has been a guest on several radio shows. Listen to her radio interviews.


www.JoyElaine.com [Author]

www.TheJoyofLife.info [SVH energy modality]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/joyelainebooks
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/joy-elaine-67504723/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/joyelaine4/videos