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Each of the books in The Joy Chronicles contains exciting information about our world’s journey to a place of peace, health, prosperity and joy. You are a part of that journey and the paths leading to the sweetness of your every dream and hope fulfilled are lit by the principles of unity that you can’t help but understand and embrace as you read these volumes.

Participate in numerous global and multi-universal transmissions of higher principles facilitated in each of the chronicles, and you contribute to the momentum of an evolutionary wave of advancements that support the collective expansion of all sentient beings. (Each book offers bridges of light to assist readers to consciously participate in transformational work alongside a host of masters, angels and guides of light.)

Although the transmissions in Path of Sweetness take place beginning in 2014, it is never too late to add your hopes and dreams to the work. Using SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing), work done in the past profoundly elevates the present and the future.

Your involvement in this global expansion endeavor helps our world move—sooner than later—into the higher streams of consciousness that propels us, along with Earth, to achieve the goal of non-duality.

In non-dual streams of consciousness every thought manifests instantly; your body perpetually regenerates and you can change your appearance more easily than changing your clothes. These higher dimensions open our awareness to see fairies, dwarfs, elves, dragons, unicorns and other supposedly “mythical” creatures that gloriously return to interact with us.

When Earth reaches non-duality the illusion of separation falls from our consciousness; the purity of the Earth is restored and we remember the truth that we are all members of the “one tribe.”


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