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Week 15: Honoring the Animal Kingdom


Thank you for participating in today’s world mission. Our topic is honoring the animal kingdom. A tremendous number of individuals are awakening to the fact that mistreatment of animals is no longer acceptable, whether the animals are in factory farms or they are dogs always kept penned except when hunting. This is just a description, which means I am giving no energy to this, but particularly unacceptable is the sport of hunting when the animal being hunted is not for food to sustain life but instead will be a trophy.


We don’t need laws to change these practices; instead, what would be beneficial is raising the consciousness of individuals on our world to help them embrace the reality that animals are a part of our story. They are part of us and part of Gaia and they are playing roles on Earth to support the healing and balancing of Earth as we evolve. They also assist all of us to maintain a more balanced energy as the world is shifting.


We did some work before in assisting animals that are being crowded out of their natural habitats to move to safe places. This mission is more of a focus around helping to change the hearts of people that mistreat or disregard animals, for how can the Earth really evolve when this piece of honoring the creatures that live with us and unconditionally love us is missing? Although these animals are capable of leaping into the higher dimensions of Earth right now, they are still hanging around with us to help guide us.


Let’s go ahead right now and connect at the heart. Let’s become the matrix on the planet. There are thousands and thousands of people that are going to be connecting in this meditation. Let’s feel the grids of energy that are linked to the planetary energy fields. You can see or pretend to see that the grids look like a spider’s web or the lines of a matrix sitting on the Earth.


Now imagine yourself as an acupuncture needle along with all the other individuals that are part of this mission as you hold the vision for honoring and supporting our animals. You are lighting the way for them to be held in the highest esteem and loved by those who have taken on the responsibility of being their guardian. As we’re all connected on the Earth by that grid system, your energy is like a pin in the spot where you are located. People in Boise, Los Angeles, Cairo, Paris, South America and all the different places where each of you are connecting to this meditation, just feel the energy of the oneness of us, the one tribe, the energy of every one of us taking on the energy of guardianship and the role of supporting and putting good energy towards the animals. Pause here if you’d like.


Continue to feel yourself anchoring into the spot where you are and sending your energy into the Earth but also feel your energy emanating out right now as if you are the Sun. Your loving energy is like laser beams following along the grid lines and moving out to all parts of the Earth to connect with all the others that are supporting this mission. Look at the animal kingdom as a whole; stretch your energy out to include the fish, the fowl and everything that walks or crawls. Feel your heart chakra opening and just send your energy out as pure, unconditional love to all our animals. Let your heart guide you in this as you send your energy out to speak to the hearts of every individual who has an animal or who hunts or fishes for fun. This is not about judging anyone; it’s about sending unconditional love that will help others to recognize the delightful sentience and the joyful energy that our wonderful animals project.


Our goal in this mission is to help everyone remember and sense or feel that the animals are a part of us. When people remember that their hearts can change. Every time you have a desire to be of assistance again in this mission, just feel your energy anchoring to the spot you are, feel that energy grid that covers the planet and feel your energy spreading everywhere to radiate love onto all of the animal kingdom and to every human being and every area of this world. Rain your love without judgment and feel the oneness of all of us. Add your own flavors and focus to this work, and together, in neutrality, we can make a difference.