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Week 16: All the Colors of Humanity

Thank you for participating in our world mission today. In this mission we are going to address the many colors of humanity because color has been a significant issue in determining how we feel about certain areas of the Earth. In addition, rather than seeing everyone as part of the one tribe, individuals are frequently held as separate from the rest based on their color.


Our mission today is to unify, blend or braid together in our minds the vision of humanity as being so blessedly unique because of our different colors. If we all had only one color of clothing in our closet, if we all drove the same kind of automobile and lived in the same kind of house, that would get tiresome very quickly. It’s the same way with humanity; if we were all the same color with the same personality…how boring.

If you travel the world or view scenes from different countries on television, how enjoyable it is to experience the different cultures and enjoy their differences in food and clothing. Let’s hold that same kind of energy around the people and their colors and look at our differences as an exciting adventure in tuning into the different flavors of humanity.

Relax right now and let’s connect at the heart with all of the thousands of people around the world that are part of listening and implementing this world mission. Feel the uniqueness of each and every one of those people, not seeing them as any particular color, but feeling their different nuances. No matter whether you are touching on the individuals in Italy and their wonderful cultures or people in South Africa, Greece or Rome, let’s see each other as part of a family.

As you connect with all of these individuals around the world, feel yourself able to accept all of the characteristics that make each of us unique—the shapes of our noses, the width between our eyes, our body shapes as well as our color. Simply imagine that you are sending a thread of unconditional love energy from your heart that carries the vibration of acceptance, neutrality and honoring each individual no matter where they are in their evolution to higher consciousness. No matter what these people are choosing, we are feeling them now as sentient beings alive and living on this world with exquisite uniqueness. Pause here if you like.

We accept and enjoy the different kinds of trees we have. We might delight in seeing a beautiful stag deer standing at the edge of a forest looking out… or a salmon, whether it’s swimming in the ocean or it’s moving upstream to spawn and it’s turned bright red. We accept those aspects of Earth and it’s time for us to accept one another and to see each other as a part of this one tribe.

As you see or feel all the different colors of humanity swirling around amidst the threads of light that connect your heart with others, sense that each individual, no matter what color they are, are part of the Crayola box that most of us grew up with and loved. We loved to pull our Crayons out and color in our coloring books… and sometimes when we were little we’d even make people green! We had no beliefs that someone needed to be a specific color. Let’s bring out that box of colors in our hearts and minds and see the colors of all people as unique and wonderful.

P.S. Loving all the colors of humanity will be good practice to help you get ready for teal, blue or green colored people, because many of the galactic races are those colors.