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Week 17: The Children of the Earth

Thank you for participating in this world mission. Today’s mission is very short but it’s also very powerful because our focus will be on the children of the Earth. They are the future of Earth; they are the guiding lights that are, through their sweetness and their wisdom, opening up the hearts of the people around them. Because of these children, there are ripples and waves of energy streams happening all over the Earth. These waves of light are not only lifting up the people in the children’s lives, they are also lifting up our entire planet.

I’d like you to think back to when you saw some cute little one-year-old or two-year-old child. Maybe you looked into the child’s eyes and saw the wisdom there; maybe you watched one learning how to walk. I can remember instances in my son’s lives when they were little that still bring smiles to my heart. Whatever action or interaction you witnessed or experienced, take some time here to remember how that experience opened up your heart and how it made you feel. (pause)

Now take that same feeling of sweetness, and, as we like to do, see yourself rising up above the Earth and looking down on Earth with this vision of such incredible joy and open-hearted sweetness. Imagine every single being on the Earth as one of those little babies that are learning how to walk, to stand and run. Each of the people on this world, no matter what they’re doing and what their choices are today, they are actually that sweet spark of essence that began on this world by making those around them smile.

As we’re looking at all the people of Earth, let’s focus on these new kids. These children are really lighting up the way for all of us by creating bridges of light to the higher dimensional fields and helping us to remember that everything is love. Let’s catch the wave of all their ripples of light and love and focus this energy back onto them, sending a ripple back onto them with the unconditional, loving flavor that comes from our higher consciousness and our soul and the Creator consciousness energy that is always raining down upon us. Let’s just rain that energy onto the Earth and reflect to each of these children, no matter where they are on Earth, how magnificent they are. Send to them the gratitude that we feel for them and for all that they are doing, knowingly or unknowingly, to support the greater collective of the world and to support each of us.

Thank you.