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Week 6: The Air We Breathe

Hello, and thank you for participating in these world missions. I’m Joy Elaine, author of the Joy Chronicles. Our mission today is about the air we breathe. Our air is alive with all of the elements that help to sustain and support life on Earth and it’s wonderful if there is a lot of oxygen in the air. I’m not clear on the percentage of what is the most valuable, but I’ve heard that over populated areas and also areas of air pollution tend to deplete the percentage of oxygen in the air. That is just a description and I’m not giving any energy to that statement.



We have beautiful trees, plants, coral reefs and many wonderful things that support and assist our world, Gaia, to create this field of oxygen. Right now I’d like to ask all of us as a team to connect right at the heart of Gaia. Feel your heart as it connects to the whole of Earth. You can even dive into the center core of the Earth and feel our connection points there and everywhere throughout the whole Earth… Now feel all of those parts of Earth that are supporting, creating, and sustaining the oxygen levels. Since the oceans create a great deal of our oxygen, let your energy move to the plant life that is in the oceans. Feel your energy moving like fingers of light through all of the elements of Earth that are creating and supporting and cleaning the air of Earth.


Look at thunderstorms and how the ozone that occurs through lightning cleans the air. Send your energy up into the sky and feel all of the air that’s there. Like you’re strumming a harp, feel your energy fingers caressing the oxygen… and imagine that your fingers are emanating golden streams of light through the air itself. Sweep your energy fingers to all the trees and feel your heart connecting to each of the trees on this Earth… Just as they are applying photosynthesis, taking in carbon dioxide and breathing out clean air, feel your energy fingers touching upon them and putting those streams of golden light into them as well…


Let your fingers of light move through the whole of Earth, touching upon everything on Earth that gives us the gift of life through its creation of air. Our first job is to ask God to bless the air. Take a moment to be grateful for oxygen and for all parts of Gaia that are supporting the creating and fueling of it…


Now that we’ve touched upon all of the oxygen makers, we know that there are other things that are putting some smudges, let’s say, on the beauty of this pristine oxygen. So let’s put our energy fingers out there and touch upon all the molecules of the soot, dust, chemicals in the air and the puffy clouds of toxins that come from different manufacturing plants. See your energy fingers touching upon them and infusing them with love…reminding them of the base element that is their truth and that everything truly is pristine. Take a deep breath in…(inhale) choosing that your fingers of light that, like little magic wands, touch upon each of these particles of air that you are about to breathe…(inhale), each that you have breathed, and each that you will breathe. See the spark of life and the Creator’s love in every single particle. Let’s spend the rest of our life, every time we think about the air that we breathe, blessing the air and being in gratitude.