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Week 8: Hug a Tree and Set Your Heart Free

The picture that accompanies this recording is of my dad measuring a tree to show me how much it had grown over the years. Even though he was just measuring it, I’ve decided that since he had been aware of this tree for such a long time this could also count as a hug.



Hello, I’m Joy Elaine. Thank you for participating in today’s world mission which is “Hug a Tree and Set Your Heart Free.” Most of us know exactly what it’s like to connect with nature, but how many of you have taken the time to hug a tree? Today you’re going to connect with a tree that is near and dear to your heart. It might be a tree in your yard or it could be anywhere in the world. There might have been a tree that you absolutely loved when you were a child. Or maybe you were walking through a forest and you saw such an incredible tree that all you wanted to do was communicate with it. If you thought it wanted to tell you something, you were right… because trees are sentient. They don’t have individual souls so they aren’t sentient beings, but they are a part of Gaia. They act like tuning forks for energy for the planet and they know you.

We’re going to connect with a tree with the assistance of Archangel Michael. If you have a tree in your yard, you don’t need to take a journey with Michael. You can listen to this recording and then go out and apply it or you can follow along now with me and travel to a place where a magical tree exists–a tree that you remember from some point in your life.

To begin this mission to set your heart free and to support the healing of Earth, close your eyes and see or pretend to see Archangel Michael. He’s got his hand out. Reach out and take his hand and step through that magical doorway. You will step to the location of the tree that you remember. Maybe it’s the Bodhi Tree where Buddha met his enlightenment. Maybe it’s a wonderful tree that you used to like to climb. If you find yourself in your own backyard, how wonderful is that. Wherever you are, walk right up to that tree you remember and know that you travelled back in time if you are visiting a tree that you saw long ago. Archangel Michael will have spirited you away to that spot.

Before you hug the tree, put your hand on it and feel the outside of it. Tune in for a moment and let yourself sense the sap moving inside it just like the blood moves in the veins and arteries of your body… Feel the aliveness of this tree…and since the tree’s roots grow down into the Earth to anchor it to that spot, feel yourself becoming more grounded… Now lean into that tree and feel your face against the bark. Feel your arms wrap around it and allow your heart chakra to begin to open wider and wider.

Within your heart chakra there is a connection point that is called the heart of hearts. The heart of hearts is a space where you can hear and sense at a deep level the voice of the Creator and the wisdom of your soul. In this particular case you will be connecting to the heart of this tree and communicating with it telepathically. So as you lean into this tree, feel your heart reaching in and connecting with the heart of this tree… Your first question is, “What is your message for me? What do you want me to hear and know?”… Feel it, sense it…you might think you are just making the answer up, but just go with it… and pause here to receive your message.

And now I’d like you to hold the greatest dream that you have for the present and the future…whatever it is that you would love to see for our Mother Earth, for the world that we live in and for all the plants and the animals…  I’d like you to send this message from your heart to the heart of the tree and feel the branches that reach high into the air connecting and sending this message of hope and love and desire for peace up into the upper atmosphere… and the roots carrying your message down into the Earth herself. You can feel your message being carried on the energy streams of the Earth… carried to every part of the world…that would receive the unconditional love you are sending.

Now send your desires for a place where it is safe to be your unique self. Feel all those tethers and impingements that have held you back from being who you are and recognizing the incredible master of light within you…just fall…like big ropes becoming cobwebs and blowing away from you… Feel your heart lightening and know that you are free to create whatever you desire and you design. As you are now breathing this unconditional love back into yourself through the tree…you can feel Mother Gaia gifting you with the confidence and the creation energy and the focus to begin this journey of awakening and awareness.

You are an instrument for healing and uplifting this world. It starts with you… so let yourself be untethered and feel your wings and the wind underneath them carrying you…Let your spirit soar. Feel yourself rising, rising up into the upper atmosphere along with your unconditional love transmission and feel what it’s like to be free of your physical body and to have your consciousness linked with Gaia… She is supporting you with every breath that you take, the beautiful waters that you drink, the foods that are grown and all the things that we are working to support in these world missions.

Dream big and while you’re doing that, dream big for this world to find its way to peace, prosperity and freedom for all beings. Stay here as long as you like feeling this freedom and when you are ready to return, simply imagine yourself taking the hand of Archangel Michael who will lead you back to your physical presence.