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Week 7: Implement World Mission with the Ashtar Command

Thank you very much for joining me today. I’m Joy Elaine and I am the author of The Joy Chronicles. Today we will be implementing a world mission with the Ashtar Command. The most exciting part about this work is that they are going to be holding the space and lighting the way for tremendous shifts on the planet. We will be working directly with Gaia herself and supporting the work that the Ashtar Command is non-manipulatively implementing for Earth.



Although the Ashtar Command is comprised of non-dual masters, there are many things they are not able to do because this is our world. We’re the ones that get to choose what gets implemented here on Earth and foreigners from other planets don’t get to make choices. They can hold the space for us; they can light the way for amazing opportunities that we fuel and support just like the angels and guides working with us. We, though, are the ones that call the shots here on planet Earth. Actually, they are going to be assisting us just as much as we are assisting them today.

The first thing I’d like for you to do is close your eyes and sit back for a second. Now imagine yourself taking the hand of Archangel Michael and stepping through a doorway right into the command center of one of the Ashtar Command ships. Once you are aboard, Supreme Commanders Ashtar and Tonas along with many others of the Ashtar Command will be bringing their ships, cloaked, of course, into the dimensional frame that allows them to be present and positioned in strategic energy points throughout the world.

As you step through the door, you will move to the ship that is most dedicated to assist you because Archangel Michael will be leading you. As you are standing in the command position, take a moment to choose to be an instrument in assisting the Creator, Gaia and all the masters, angels and guides to be able to assist Earth and those living upon her—including yourself of course. As you call forth the Creator, masters, angels and guides you also begin transmitting unconditional love from your heart chakra. As you do this, sense, feel and tune into what would most benefit the area where your ship is stationed. You might be over South Dakota or Zimbabwe because you chose the ship that is most in alignment with your assistance.

Feel Gaia connecting with you and transmitting to you an incredible vision that your subconscious grasps. Draw it into the center of your heart and feel your kundalini cycling through your body this important mission for Gaia. She has given you permission to hand this off to the others that are on the ship so that they can hold the space with you. You can feel yourself standing with the others in front of the big viewing screen of the ship as all of you are transmitting these incredible encoded healing vibrations to the planet Earth.

Feel the unconditional love that you have for our planet and everything that exists upon it. See yourself as an instrument that is choosing to be like a lamplighter for all those who are ready to awaken. Continue to transmit and feel the camaraderie from all the individuals on the ship as well as the angels, masters and guides that are supporting the transmission of the encodements you received from Gaia herself.

If you wish, you may pause here as long as you like so that you may continue transmitting. (Pause)
Now that you are finished, just reach over and take Archangel Michael’s hand. See or pretend to see him, know he’s there and he will step you back into your physical presence.

Thank you for your support and thanks to the Ashtar Command, Gaia, the masters, guides and angels of light who are assisting us now.