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Highlights of Book 4: Paths of Freedom

Highlights of Book Four: Paths of Freedom


Super Villain:

If you’ve been waiting to read about bad guys you’ll find them in this chronicle. We uncovered a plot in the Fantrah Universe to overthrow all the Joy Councils, but it turned out to be much more than that. After we ferreted out a spy in the Ashtar Command and Liponie rescued the key to peace–a closely guarded woman living in a harem in the Fantrah Universe—we discovered that the conspiracy was a cover-up for a plan by an occultist to control all the universes. Extra-ordinary measures were called for to capture him since we located him just after he had split into four individuals located in four different universes.

Rescue Work:

We discovered and rescued 124,310 three to seven-year-old children that were left behind in stasis in third dimension (which left Earth in 2009). When we realized later that they were transmitters and possible time bombs, we returned them to the past and implemented a gentle but thorough process of debugging them before returning them to the council.

System for Free Energy:

Council Joy spelled out the word arrognans for me so that I would ask the council about it. They said it was a system for free energy and we put together a transmission to help people on Earth develop it.

4th Dimension goes:       

The process of ascension that Earth and humanity are going through is that as we make higher and more loving choices in our lives we uplift ourselves as well as collective consciousness. When enough people are doing or have done that, a dimension of Earth releases from our reality.

Much of the council work in this book was focused on assisting the 4th dimension to release. The Chu and other beings intent on manipulating and/or eliminating humanity were very opposed to that release since it meant a lessening of their ability to control.

As the possible date for release drew closer, we discovered we didn’t have enough council members who actually lived on Earth to “vote” for the release and had to scramble for ways to fix that problem. However, due to a collective decision by the people of Earth, the 4th dimension did release in March of 2015!

Star Tribes:

Before he and his tribe left Earth, Oohngarrah came to our council and revealed to us that 100,000 years ago his people knew that the Joy Council would exist. I had chills all over my body as he shared their story.

Holograms replaced 2,709 members of 44 tribes located in our rainforests that the Ashtar Command returned, at their request, to their home planets. Although many of them left so that they would not be trapped in the 4th dimension when it released, many of them did return once it was gone.

Dragons and Genies:

Woonfred shared more information about dragons—what others looked like, how their eggs hatched and more. Tonas told me that Woonfred smacked his lips when he ate cupcakes, including the paper, from our buffet. Woonfred left the council in order to be with his mate since he and Kira were having a baby who would succeed him as king.

 We learned that Liponie was the first genie ever created, that there were more than 2,000 genies just in our universe and that Liponie’s “sister” Nicky was the only female genie in existence. Ashtar created a ship for the genies who began coming to us to learn how to be sovereign—most of them had been owned.


Another Swizzler chose the name Chuckie, and demonstrated that lemonade came out of his penis. (Liponie explained that he didn’t want to stifle Chuckie’s creative thinking and apologized.)

Charlie became fixated on pooping and worried that he did not poop. No amount of explaining seemed to satisfy him and eventually we had a “poop crisis.”

Charlie decided to wait until Earth became non-dual before becoming a real boy. In addition to learning how to flamenco dance and water ski, he began taking cooking lessons from Julia Child. (She came to our council when she was sleeping.)


Sheliah and Rosebud now had 404 babies. Rosebud still fainted for the birth of each one although Sheliah began bringing a chair for him to sit on.

Her explanation of what happens to the chickens, cows and pigs humans kill: “We send them to a special garden so that they can eat grass and have a happy life. There’s a stream and it’s beautiful there. There are more chickens than anything! They have all the food and water they want and there’s nothing to eat them. They live for as long as their body normally would have lived, then they close their eyes and go sparkly.”

I asked her if they really needed to eat. She said, “They like to do it so we let ’em. It’s their job.”


Solomon is now with Sheba, thanks to Sananda and I invited both of them to our valentine party. Zeezzz, the former crystal, said she loved being embodied and confided to me that she had her eye on Commander Ashtar. I proceeded to formally introduce them a la Aton and Gaia.

Liponie began showing all the heavenly bodies in each universe different options for embodying and then created a Joy Club in each universe so that they could meet each other. For my birthday gift (besides chocolate everything to eat and drink), Charlie announced (as they walked across a stage) the names of stars, moon and suns who had embodied and found their heart mates.

Time travel warning:    

I was told I could appear before myself in the past but doing so would alter everything from that point onward. When I realized I could create a reality where I had never met Tonas or Charlie, I immediately used SVH to make it so that visits my current self made to other positions in time would not negatively impact my current self.


An embodiment of the Moon visited our council, told us that Moon was a “silly” name and chose a new name. After she understood the concept of eating and food you could always find her in the commissary.

I spoke with Jake, a cherub, who had been, at my request, teaching me how to fly with wings. I had to quit after a few days because the muscles in the middle of my back became too sore. Maybe I was doing loop-de-loops.

Liponie popped all of us into bunny suits for an April Fools’ joke. Everybody went into paroxysms of laughter looking at Woonfred wearing his gigantic suit with brown and white patches.

Tonas, the Swizzlers and I visited Mohltar, a star, and enjoyed drifting along a stream of shallow water that was as long as the United States.

In honor of Earth Day, Charlie and Liponie created a small volcano that was supposed to erupt champagne into our glasses. I took the attitude that this was just like one of those science experiments that you hope will go right, but are fairly sure it won’t.