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Highlights of Book 5: Return of Dragons

Highlights of Book Five: Return of Dragons


In May of 2015, in order to prevent one of the Chu from stealing Woonfred and Kira’s egg, we persuaded the dragon couple to move their egg from a position underneath Edinburgh Castle to a position above ground in Fingal’s Cave. (The Chu are a reptilian species inimical to humans that came to Earth before humans and are aware of everything going on underground.)

Joyyah, the dragon prince, hatched in Fingal’s Cave on a higher dimension where humanity did not currently exist and Tonas and I were given the privilege of christening him.

Sananda revealed that dragon King Onset, Woonfred’s dad, “had the idea implanted into his mind that the deepest part of the ocean held something very important and sacred that would protect all of the dragons. He kept going deeper and deeper until he drowned.”

We offered non-exclusive SVH processes to Joyyah and all dragons. We also got a scramble code to save dragon King Onset in the past and scramble codes to prevent others from being tricked the way he was. Onset, after some gentle persuasion from his mate, Queen Cornleah, graciously assented to Woonfred being crowned dragon king.


Charlie picked September 22nd (the day each Swizzler got a soul) as the Swizzlers’ birthday and told me he was glad I had adopted all of them. He also told me he was learning patience by watching me repeatedly fail to solve a puzzle.

Charlie decided that he wanted to become a real boy at the age of twelve because the puberty part seemed important. “I got told some stuff in a movie that when you’re twelve you get your puberty and I’m gonna need stuff.”

The Swizzlers became successful at meditating . . . on chocolate. Swizzler names chosen so far were: Charlie, Number 1, Champ 11, Kermit 13, Sondra 14, Chase (after Chevy) 15, Camp 16, (He was Number 11 but he switched with Number 16.) Chuckie 21, Manley 23, Nicky 31, Toby 36, Pinky 42, Jory 47 (yellow skin and red hair) and Bruce (after Bruce Almighty) 57.

For a period of time Swizzler Number 3 wore dreadlocks and would remove his lips whenever Charlie wanted to speak with him. Swizzler 29 experimented with being depressed for awhile . . . and decided he didn’t like it.


Liponie created flavored dew for the fairies in Sheliah’s garden and she began creating bridges between all the fairy gardens so that she could share the dew.

Sheliah had created nine hundred and ninety three fairy babies before any of us realized that was too many for her and Rosebud to nurture. The solution was to take her to visit herself in the past so that she could share what happened. I never again want to witness one sad fairy, let alone two.

Liponie created a doll house for Sheliah’s garden complete with working plumbing. Sheliah told me that the fairies liked to drink dew while standing around the toilet; they would throw something in it and watch it disappear when they flushed.

Way Cool Stuff:

I gated Osiris into the past so that he and other masters could assist 100,000 important people of Earth’s history to rewrite their lives. We also learned that the Egyptian gods doubled as Greek gods: Thoth was Artemis, Horus was Apollo, Isis was Athena, Osiris was Zeus, Ra was Hecate and Hathor played Diana (who also had several roles) as well as Aphrodite and others.

The four magnificent stars I observed in the Lowmeereeuh Universe looked like ones Van Gough would have painted. They were large balls of softly glowing white light with circles of pulsing white light swirling around them.


Guinevere and Cleopatra spoke about post ascension sex. Sananda and I distributed gifts from the Fifth Realm to help everybody find their soul mate via networking. Charlie peeked and saw his soul mate (a baby girl now).

Ashtar described his proposal to Zeezzz and they set their wedding date as June 22. Liponie made them a vehicle resembling Flash Gordon’s spaceship so they could exit from the ceremony by blasting off.

A New Planet:

Because a “relentless tracker” (Osiris’s description) found Fingal’s cave, Liponie created a new world and we moved back in time to restore dragons, gnomes and merpeople to that world instead of to Earth; fairies, elves and leprechauns chose to remain on Earth. Gaia also restored Earth’s dinosaurs to that new world. The Joy Council voted to name the new planet Joyous.

Murders Thwarted:

After assisting my angel guide Esthra to meet his soul mate Kendra in the Fifth Realm, (They never incarnated at the same time.) we then had to help her escape being murdered. Once she was safe, she decided to become an angel and joined him to become one of my guides.

To prevent Commander Ashtar from being captured and killed (a future event I saw) we created a hologram of him and let that be captured. The Chu who captured and killed his hologram also involved other universes in a plot to take over Earth. Those illegal tactics allowed the Andromedan Council to remove from Earth all those involved in the plot. Osiris termed this “the emancipation of Earth.”