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Christmas 2020

We are celebrating Christmas on Hosemelia. Liponie created a North Pole extravaganza on this non-dual planet of ours and many trains for us to travel to it. “Us” includes the 124,310 children we rescued from stasis in book 4 of The Joy Chronicles.

Tonas greets me with, “Hello, beautiful one. Here is a candy cane for you. I have pockets full of them.”

After I take one, I ask Tonas why yesterday I heard Charlie beg, “Mommy, please!”

Tonas explains I translated the Hot Chocolate Scene from The Polar Express to Liponie and he created it for the trains. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPWYu94mzhEto

“Charlie would like to have the dancing attendants, his own cartoon engineer and much more. I believe that if we give a train to him we must give one to all of the children.”

“Would they be content just to enjoy his train?”

“We are running into an issue now. Charlie gets everything and then everyone else gets to experience it. I think that it will affect their overall esteem at some point. They have all agreed that when you are in their presence constantly they will upload speech. That will be a bit difficult when some of them have just a line for lips, however I am thinking that there will be a lot of changes. How do you feel about giving all of the children the train?”

“I’m fine with that. But my thought is that sometimes it’s more fun when you’re enjoying things with your friends or siblings.”

“So perhaps we just have one fantastic train. Charlie likes Thomas the Train the best. I have the idea that there can be special chambers for each of the children. We can have their picture on the doors so that they know which chamber is theirs.” (They are not so good with numbers.)

“They could customize their car just the way they want.”

“All they have to do is give their design to Liponie and he will make it just right.”

“I’m fine with this.”

I point out to Tonas that Charlie’s desire to fly might be satisfied if we gave him his airplane back. Tonas wants to wait until Charlie is 400 before we do that. (You’ll find out about Charlie’s airplane adventure in one of the later books.) I remind him that Charlie couldn’t get hurt flying a plane on Hosemelia. Tonas wonders what would happen if Charlie learned about dog fighting with airplanes. I tell him the kids could shoot marshmallows at each other from their planes.