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December 2020

December 4, 2020

At the Joy Council:

Tonas says, “It has been an eventful day. The children realized they can’t be hurt by rubber bands, so many of them have been brought in in a great big pile. They have been shooting each other with them. You get points for hitting someone in the bum.”

Charlie joins us and says, “Wait a minute, please. I gotta take off my goggles. You don’t wanta loose a button off of nuthin. I think it’s a really good thing to cover your eyes, and Papa said so too.”

“Have you thought about your Christmas list?”

“I got a couple of things, but I don’t wanna bring ‘em up. You’ll think I’m silly.”

“When has that ever stopped me? I’m silly too.”

“I got this idea that it would be really fun if I could fly myself. I was just thinkin’ it. I got a lot of ideas about how I could do it. Some of ‘em I don’t think you would like. A catapult was not a good way. Firin’ out of a cannon is not okay. Everybody said I was silly to even say it. I said that if there was a net it could catch me. Everybody said there was no way that would pass the Joy test.”


“They said to just give it up.”

“Did you come up with a solution?”

“Well, I think it would be very nice if somebody just said that they would think of it for me, and then that would be a big surprise. I think I would be really good at flyin’. I might even be the best that ever was.”

“Now that we’ve discussed that, what else is on your list?”

“Candy canes, then your sweet teeth can be happy.”

(Charlie says we don’t have the tree up yet because there is a whole lot of seriousness going on now.)

“We’ve decided that absolutely what we’re gonna do is save the planet.”

“I like that idea!”

“If we’re gonna save the planet then I think it’s okay. I just want you to know I had a little bit of a talk with Thoth.”

“What did he say?”

“He said that I was the best me I could ever be, and he said it with conviction. He was really serious when he said it and he told me it was a very good compliment.”

“Yes, it is.”

“He said to me that not only was I the best me that I could ever be he also said that it was important for me to remember that I am quite unique.”

“Oh, yes.”

“When he said that I said, ‘I think you’re right, but I think there’s some room for some improvement.’ He said he didn’t think it was so because ‘you can’t make an improvement on the now when you’re perfect already. When you grow you just become even more perfect. You can’t look at the future and say well, in the future then I’m gonna be better so I wanta be that now.’ He said, ‘You got to grow with it,’ and he put me on his knee.”


“And he give me a ride on his knee. He bounced me up and down.”

“Oh! That is an honor!”

“He did it. He did it. Yeah. I rather like that he did it. I felt very much that he must really, really like me a lot.”

“I’m sure he does. We all do!”

“I just have to say, Mommy, that there isn’t a whole lot about me that wouldn’t be wonderful.”

“I can’t think of anything that isn’t wonderful.”

“Yeah, see what I mean. I’m a perfect smecimen (his word) of my true self and I’m the best me that I can be.”


“That’s me. You can’t get better than that and this is some positive thinkin’s. Thoth said that if other people had thoughts like mine they would be different people completely.”

“Mommy’s still workin’ on that kind of thinking.”

“I truly do believe that I have that self-love. He talked to me about it. He said it’s not a challenge at all. It’s a special mission. He said to me that it’s a wonderful thing to give to ourselves and the world because every time we do it, ‘we are at that point the gifters to the world.’ I’m happy about it.”

“I’m gonna let you get back to your rubber band work.”

“They was waitin’ for me. You can’t hardly do it without me ‘cause I’m the leader of the pack.”