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February 13, 2023, Valentine’s Day on Lyra

The kids and Tonas have been partying on the non-dual planet Lyra. We’re going to have Valentine’s Day today since there’s things the Swizzlers need to help The Joy Council with tomorrow.

“Mommy, I have a special Valentine for you—we all have one for you. I want to wish you a special early Valentine’s Day. On Lyra, they are very excited about Valentine’s Day. Everybody is making you a Valentine.”

“Is this something new?”

“Yes, because it’s not in their culture. They typically don’t cut things with scissors, so I had to teach everybody how to hold the scissors and how to walk safely. I told them you don’t ever run with ‘em. We have red construction paper for everybody.”

“You’re doing a great job, Charlie!”

“I’m tryin’ to get people on board. I can’t make a Valentine for everybody ‘cause I don’t have enuf time. I did start getting’ ‘em prepared for Christmas. They can start cuttin’ paper now. You know the pieces where you glue ‘em together and you make a big, long chain and put it on the Christmas tree?”

“Right, I was just thinking about that!”

“I know because you are more and more telepathic! Tomorrow, I will get them on task makin’ the chains ‘cause we can blanket this whole planet. You know what makes ‘em all excited, Mommy?”

“What does?”

Whispering, “These people don’t know how to do nuthin’. They just thought things into being. They all seem very happy, but I think they like new information to stretch themselves. They just don’t have a lot of extra stimulation. I told them they should get involved in the wars, ‘cause then they would have some stimulation.

“I made you a Valentine. It’s not fancy like what you got from Papa, but this is a special necklace I made you. It’s dandelions and I put some of Thoth’s flowers with them. They’re like metal flowers—I think they’re made out of gold—and when you pick a flower another one comes out. On it I put lots of the gold, but I also put the energy of my heart that I love you so much. Each one of the little wisteria buds are shaped a little bit like a heart. You can put it on your head. This one here is for your neck and this one is for your head. All of us kids made ‘em.

“If I could just get some of those metal flowers home, I could melt them down. I’m a little bit like a blacksmith. Papa said I could be a blacksmith, but I’m not allowed to get the coals hot. I’m not supposed to use fire unless Papa’s with me

“Thoth kinda told us to make ourselves at home. When he comes to the council, we watch movies together. He doesn’t understand a lot about human beings so I’ve been helpin’ him to understand more. There are certain classics that you can teach people with—there’s Mickey, of course. You don’t learn a lot from the Roadrunner; he’s a trickster and he’s a little mean-spirited. I’m really glad that nobody dies in cartoons when they blow up. Pollyanna is a good teachin’ tool. I watched it with Thoth and I told him about the Glad Game. I splained that some people have deep issues they believe in, but if there’s a child sick and they feel bad, they might let their heart open. Then they can let themselves love and be loved. Then they will learn the Glad Game!”

“Thank you very much for my present!”

Tonas says, “I have these two packages. Can you ta-ta-tuh-tah!”

After I do so, Tonas opens his box and I open mine. We both have silk boxer underpants with red hearts on them!

“This was Charlie’s idea. He said I’ve given you enough jewelry and something from the heart would be better. I asked him what he suggested, and he said we should have matching underpants.”

“What a wonderful gift! Thanks to both of you!”

“Charlie has given the Lyrans candy hearts and glue because none of them can read or write.”

“We’re going to get Lyra up to speed with our holidays!”

“They love our children. It is as if they are on a vacation instead of us. We are having fireworks later. The Lyrans love fireworks; they have them for the champagne festival and their harvest festival. The fireworks came from humans. Thoth told us that historically the Italians have the best version—they were the first to put bright colors in the sky.”

I give Tonas a big Valentine’s kiss goodbye.