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February 9, 2024: Birthday Celebration on Hosemelia

Tonas wishes me a happy birthday, and adds, “I can’t help you become non-dual, but I can gift you something to wear when you do. I can remember looking at a beautiful lake that had three moons shining onto it. This created a mist and the lake was a mirror of the stars. It was like the mist itself was a fabric. I told Liponie, “I would like a beautiful gown made for my beloved. It will be on her body the moment she becomes non-dual.”

I suggest we call the fabric moonmist. Tonas agrees that is the best description, and adds, “And I will be there to place a beautiful flower between your toes.”

“Since Osiris and Isis are your grandparents, were you born with all their memories?”

He confirms that he was. When I ask him about his father’s lineage, he replies, “He thought himself into being. Not everyone was anxious to be begotted.”

We move to where Charlie is meditating. Tonas says he’s been doing that for days.

“Mommy, now we can tell Papa that we’ve been cloaking. We haven’t been meditating at all! (Tonas looks flabbergasted.) All of us kids were designin’ a place for you, Mommy. Papa said you like to be underground a lot. (My AMS training is subterranean.) Do you like Hobbit houses?”

“As long as I can stand up in them.”

“We made it big enough for all of us including Papa. Each of us kids has a house, you have a house, Papa has a house and you have a house with him. There’s a big place where all the food can be made. There is a fountain there. It’s beautiful but it just runs water. Liponie gave us the vision of it and then we sketched out the village. I painted pictures for your houses and for mine. There’s a picnic ground with swings our size and swings your size and a merry-go-round that makes music. We practiced with it a lot just to make sure it was really good.”

“Why are you sorry?”

“’Cause now it’s not really new.”

“It’ll be new to me.”

“I like how you’re thinking. You can’t eat any of the houses. (For Christmas we had self-replenishing edible gingerbread houses.) Don’t try! There’s a big pit for a fire and there are bushes that will make sticks for our marshmallows.

“There’s no cookin’ in the houses. We wanted a place where we could all eat. We can have theme meals, like, only cakes today or only cakes and pies today. (This sounds perfect to me.) We made it big enough so you can invite all your friends.”

“Do I get cake today?”

“The cake I made you was with some help from the other kids. What we wanted was Oreo cake. I made several and ate them just to make sure they were good. (I’m laughing.) I made you the one that was the best. It’s just enough for all of us ‘cause this is a private party.

“There is a machine that makes ice cream. There are cones there and there’s bowls too. There’s a section with sprinkles and all the things you would want. You can dip the cones in chocolate or butterscotch and when you bite it it will never fall on the ground!”

“That sounds like a miracle.”

“Liponie helped us. We didn’t have to do any diggin’. We had to have the houses facing the west. That’s important so that when we have campfires there will be a beautiful sunset. Then the stars will open out.

“You gotta slide in. You enter through a big log. Your clothes won’t get dirty. Papa is really, really, really shocked. I’m gonna go first on the slide ‘cause I wanta be there when you arrive.”

Charlie slides down and then shouts for me to come too. “I think Papa needs a shake. He is still shocked. Just let your eyes fall on everything. There is grass and flowers on the roofs. There’s a picket fence around your house.”

Charlie guides me into one of the houses and Woonfred’s booming voice greets me with hello, laughter and happy birthday wishes.

I ask if he’s been studying. He replies, “No, I have been ruling my kingdom.”

“Is Prince Joyyah full sized now.”

“Yes, and a beautiful specimen. Let me light your candles.” (He’s gotten good at this. Unlike the first time he tried and incinerated the cake!)

“Mommy, I have a special song for you.”

“Oh, good!”

Happy birthday to my mommy. Happy birthday to you. I want you to know how much I love you and all of us do. And this cake is for you and you’re gonna love it. The end!”

Charlie turns the ceremony over to me, and then asks if I’m gonna wish for anything. I make my wish and manage to blow out all the candles.