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May 2021

At the Joy Council speaking to Charlie:

“Tell me what you’ve been doing.”

“The most important thing is cleanin’ up all the candy wrappers. Somebody had a really good idea . . . that we could keep Easter for a really long time.”

“Yeah, that would work.”

“We been keepin’ it up because we all love chocolate. And we like it in the shape of bunnies and eggs. We’ve been havin’ hunts and hunts and hunts and lots of more hunts. Whatever we find we eat right up. But then we got this idea that if we throw down the candy wrappers it would give us a clean up job later. So then we got these overalls and big shoes and a hat and a pointed thing on the end of a stick and we go around and pick ‘em up and put ‘em in a sack. We walk with our legs far apart.”

“Why is that?”

“If you have ‘em f-a-a-a-r apart then when you stick the pointy thing into the ground you won’t get your foot. So, we walk with our legs really far apart because of that. You only have to hit your toe once and then you think I need to make a change here.”

“Did you hit your foot?”

“I wrecked one of my Mickey shoes and I had to go and make me a new one. I didn’t mind doin’ it but I got to thinkin’ that if I do it again I’m gonna be makin’ more shoes than pickin’ up trash. I told everybody let’s make triangles with our legs, please, and always aim towards the middle. It’s workin’ perfect!”

“Well, today is May Day!”

“I know and the fairies have been dancin’ and dancin’ all over the world. So it’s really a two day event.”

(Quite some time ago I learned that humans got the idea for maypoles from the fairies.)

“Do their Maypoles look like the ones we have with ribbons and things?”

“Oh yes and they have lots of flowers. They wear flowers on their heads and they made me a headband of flowers, too. I wore it most of the day, but sometimes when I had my head down lookin’ at the trash then it falls off. So then gotta put my legs together so I can pick it up. Otherwise, I might tip over.”

“Yes, right.”

“I put it away so I didn’t wreck it.”

“Which garden did you go to?”

“We went to Chulee’s and Sheliah’s gardens. They started with the sunrise. They’ve been dancin’ and drinkin’ the dew and weavin’ head crowns. I’ve been conked and I’ve been very handsome with my headband of flowers.”

“Did Tonas go with you?”

“He did come with us. He said he wanted to keep both of his eyes on us.”

Smart Papa.