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September 15, 2021 – Sheliah’s Fairy Garden

September 15, 2021: During my recent trip to Sheliah’s fairy garden, I discovered that there was a bit of a problem with her relationship with Rosebud. He became tired of driving his Hummer car that Liponie made for him a long time ago and started following Sheliah around all the time. She’d asked him to stop but he hadn’t. Charlie came up with a plan for a fairy garden project and I’ve decided to visit to see what he and Rosebud are doing.

In Sheliah’s garden:

Charlie and all the Swizzles are fairy-sized—two inches tall.

“Mommy, I’m so happy you are here. We are workin’ so hard.”

Rosebud says, “Hello to you. We are very busy. We are making a new community.”

“That sounds exciting!”

“And Mommy, we’re gonna make a general store. And it’s gonna have places where the fairies can sit and they can order dews. The one we made long ago wasn’t that pretty. We’re gonna have a post office and I’m gonna be the post office general. Sometimes I can’t be it so sometimes Rosebud will help me and wear the uniform. Also, he is my postal delivery guy. We’re gonna postal to everybody a magazine so they can point at whatever they want and it will come to them.

“We got the ground all cut away (Liponie made Charlie’s Tonka trucks and machinery drivable.) and we’re doin’ really good. Everything that we’re doing is a big plan for lots of jobs for Rosebud to do. When we are done we’re gonna create a bridge into this garden so that all the other boy fairies can come and take a peek. We’ve got a big board with all the plans. I’m an architect now and I have a good suit. I still wear my Mickey shoes ‘cause they dress up everything.

“We all have hard hats and tool belts, and we are all like Bob the Builder. We got tools and everything. Of course, you know that Rosebud knows how to drive really good so he is drivin’ the heavy machinery! I just want to say that this is one of the biggest jobs I ever did.”

“I’ll have to step in often and see how it progresses. I heard that something got stolen.”

“We thought perhaps that a human came in and took Rosebud’s tool belt, but that wasn’t true. Somebody was cleanin’ up after us and hung it on the branch of a tree.”

“You have a big team with all the Swizzlers here.”

“And we’re doin’ the work properly, too. For every three, we got one who’s doin’ somethin’ and two leanin’ on a shovel.”