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Highlights Book 1: Path of Sweetness

Highlights of Book One: Path of Sweetness


Meet, (sigh) Tall, Dark and Handsome:

In February of 2014, as part of the work I had been doing to facilitate a swifter and more graceful evolution for Earth, I stepped aboard an Ashtar Command ship and met the epitome of tall, dark and handsome—Ashtar Commander Tonas. He revealed that we had a deep heart connection and claimed that it was our destiny to see the stars in every universe together.

That was only the beginning of the startling information Tonas was willing to share with me. I was thrilled when he told me that “as you move the energies of your physical presence into the higher dimensions, it is your choice how you appear.”

Eternally Youthful, Divinely Happy and Healthy:

Now, if you’re completely happy with your physical body right now, being able to completely change your appearance with a thought might not be of that much interest to you. So, if you could be divinely healthy, would you be interested in never dying? Would manifesting your dream home with a thought be of interest? Do you like the idea of living on an Earth where every element—water, air, land—is pristine?

That will be our reality when Earth reaches the 8th dimension. That dimension, unlike the dimensions of duality humanity has always existed within, is Earth’s first non-dual dimension. Non-dual means experiencing all of the abilities I just listed and more. As you can imagine, I wanted to be part of bringing about Earth’s non-dual reality sooner rather than later and so I began two main activities:

Begin to Bring that Reality into Being:

Firstly, I started asking questions of Tonas, Buddha, King Solomon, Esthra (one of my seventeen angel guides), Isis, Osiris and others. I wanted to find out as much as I could about the possibilities for our future and how to speed up our transition into the 8th dimension.

Secondly, I began working with Tonas to send beneficial energies approved by the galactic councils of light to Earth from Tonas’s Ashtar Command spaceship. These transmissions were greatly enhanced when I discovered a group of ninety-four energy beings who called themselves the Council for Earth Vigilance (CEV).

What You Can Do:

The thing I am most excited about, and I hope you will be too, is that you are able to energetically take part in our work.  How do you do that? Select one of the transmissions described in the book and then intend to step aboard Tonas’s ship to take part in it. As you do so, have in your mind the positives for your life and/or for the Earth that you wish to see begin developing. It is best to do this when you meditate, when you just sit quietly or before you go to bed. It’s that simple.

Partying with a Genie and a Fairy:

You will discover, as you read, that I am not about all work and no play. Early on I encountered a genie named Liponie who was creating decorations in the sky above one of the worlds in the Andromedan galaxy. He soon became crucial in helping Tonas and me plan a magnificent, multi-universal celebration for the 2014 summer solstice!

So many people came to our solstice party that Tonas had to expand his ship to be fifty times larger. Gaia (Earth) embodied in order to be part of our celebration and to assist Sheliah, the fairy I played with when I was a little girl, to also attend.

Tonas’s ship, Inishimora, will become The Academy of Enrichment. Non-dual individuals from many worlds and universes will attend in order to learn about Earth and then share what they learn with others.

Why Earth is Important:

Why would individuals from other worlds want to learn about Earth? According to Commander Tonas, “Earth is the most important light shining outward to everything.” Our importance is due to an arena—the Fifth Realm—associated with Earth’s 5th dimension that will, in approximately three hundred and fifty years or so, contain every sentient being from all worlds.

Because Inishimora will no longer be available for us to send out transmissions and so that Earth can continue to receive assistance from the masters who assembled for our party, Tonas, Osiris, Liponie, Melchizedek, Osiris, Isis, Commander Ashtar and I began planning the Joy Council. It will be built on the 10th dimension of Earth’s Moon.

Party with Us!

I hope you decide to time travel energetically to our solstice party (intending to do so makes that happen) and that I see you dancing in one of the ballrooms or sampling foods from many of the countries around the world. Tonas told me there was a roller-coaster suspended in outer space! Even though it was attached to his ship, I didn’t ride it.