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Highlights Book 7: Anything is Possible

Highlights of Book Seven: Anything is Possible



I read Snow White and Charlie, since he is our chef, was very concerned about the possibility of having poison in our food, especially in the apples. He relaxed when Liponie pointed out that nobody at our council had bad teeth like a witch.

For Christmas, the real Santa came to our council and Charlie got to ride with him in the sleigh; yes, in the air. Charlie gave me a picture book that showed the story of his life beginning from when he was a little particle being. It was my favorite gift, of course.

For Easter, Charlie dressed up as a rooster and made chocolate eggs squirt out of his suit. He also got into my lipstick and then made himself some meringue bosoms. He explained that although they had good peaks, they wouldn’t stick to his chest.


Sol became smitten with Helena but she was oblivious to his interest. I offered her a vacation on Hosemelia and suggested that Sol accompany her and her children. As their relationship developed, Helena revealed that she had never felt passion and that she was damaged as a little girl. All’s well that ends well and their story ended divinely or maybe I should say it began divinely.

Ashtar explained to me that he and Zeezzz had to practice over and over the way that humans had sex in order for her to get pregnant. (This was her choice instead of the way non-dual individuals conceive.) They had Aton watch them to make sure they were doing it correctly. Ashtar’s assessment of human sex—incredibly messy and not very fulfilling.

Council Work:

The Eyeintoreenah and Nordahnee Universes became non-dual. (Remember Nordahnee had been experiencing war for millions of years and Plany Ohsheer was assassinated.) Charlie said that Nordahnee’s evolution was the most important thing in all the universes because if they could become non-dual anybody could. The entire Neftoo Universe ascended into the Fifth Realm.

We did work to clear the energy and pollution of nuclear weapon explosions, and the energy of death and suffering experienced on battlefields and for animals being slaughtered. We also implemented work to assist animals born in captivity, those hunted for trophies, tortured animals and animals pitted against each other.

Fairies, Etc.:

Gaia shared information about transition in the fairy gardens; for example, a tree could decide to become a rock. According to her there were 23,562,812 fairies, 42,003 elves, 6,380 dwarves and 50,000 merpeople living on different dimensions of Earth. She said that fairies exist to support the land and all that grows upon it; they have the vision for all beings in their hearts and all they ever focus upon is happiness and goodness.

Gaia explained that most elves lived in Europe since they are not supported in America and she described the locations of fairy, elf and dwarf gardens.

Fairy queen Fohneesah, in San Diego, told us she enjoyed watching the whales and dolphins that were saved from Sea World making love. (When we did the hologram work freeing all animals in zoos, the creatures in aquariums were moved into waters in the fairy garden where the aquarium was located.)


I erased my future death. I was honored when a galactic literary council gave me a crystal with codes in it that could be applied to all my books; the codes were the same as those they gave to the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Book of the Dead and every writer who brought forth important assistance in the early days. I was told that I will be in the 7th and 8th dimensions in three years and look like I’m twenty-three instead of seventy-three! Yahoo!

A Small Sampling of Cool Stuff:

Sananda related the story of Eeshma, a holy being from the Moedayahduh Universe. This universe was completely dual in nature when the Joy Council began. Eeshma had been imprisoned in a crystal for nine million years but something in one or more of the transmissions the Joy Council had been sending out freed him. As a consequence, in less than one year, all the worlds in the Moedayahduh Universe became non-dual.

In the Fifth Realm, I spoke with artists of the Lascaux Caves. A man named Rue painted one of the bulls that I admired in the cave and a man named Conkch (approximate sound) painted the dun horse. Conkch smiled and said that he loved that the horse lasted and that it continues to inspire others.

I saw a future vision of a puce-colored creature that Sananda said was a newly hatched Keermoesh. He also said that even though they had been waiting more than 50,000 years to hatch they were returning ahead of schedule. He explained that as adults they were beautiful singers, dancers and acrobats. We set it up so that they would hatch in Agartha and Charlie and I visited them there after they began hatching. He said they still looked like skinless bunny rabbits and were still in their nests.

Scary stuff:

Osiris and I discussed the planet Nibiru and the Annunaki—they were due to come back here soon and they didn’t like humans. Osiris said that Nibiru hides behind the Moon, only comes to Earth every 5,000 years and when it does it parks itself a little off dimension for ninety-days while the Annunaki create havoc here.  The solution turned out to be many faceted, but thankfully there was one.

I witnessed events that pointed to Helena being killed during her future visit to her world, Kirowmee. Kirowmee moved into a state of serious upheaval—women rebelled about their treatment and were being killed. Sananda, Charlie and I moved into the distant past on that world and did some work during the night that we hoped would be beneficial for future relationships between men and women. So many events changed that we vowed never to do anything like it again. 

Towards the end of this book I pieced together clues that pointed to Tonas either being dead or about to be dead. You know we fixed it but I was scared.