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Highlights of Book 6: Spaceship Earth (Return of the Star Tribes)

Highlights of Book Six: Spaceship Earth

(Return of the Star Tribes)

Out of this World Stuff:

To prevent millions of humans from being killed, it became imperative to move the Earth, everyone/everything on her and the Moon to the sky above the planet Joyous. We left holograms of both worlds and everything/everyone on them in their former positions. We had to take the Chu then living on Earth with us since they are part of our evolutionary path.

The move did create some unexpected problems: Chu living on their home worlds became suspicious and requested extradition of a few of their species. We also discovered we should have petitioned the Agarthans to continue assisting Earth in our new location since we were going to be bombarded by asteroids in the fall.

The Ashtar Command took on the delicate and lengthy procedure of removing deadly primal waste left on Earth by the Annunaki millions of years in the past.

We offered non-dual individuals a chance to incarnate into Earth animals; they were thrilled about having a chance to experience death. Some masters did choose to incarnate into animals in the past.

Fairies, Etc:

Gaia appointed Sheliah the emissary for all fairies on Earth and granted her new wings to indicate her status. Sheliah requested a “bug” and Liponie made her a pink Volkswagen with daisies on the side to drive. Rosebud asked for and received a Hummer. It hummed, of course.

Although she wasn’t hurt, Sheliah wrecked her car. You can imagine that a fairy wouldn’t want to drive slowly. I assigned Charlie the task of teaching her and Rosebud how to drive and after much patient instruction they both got their driver’s license.

Sheliah explained that the fairies danced to the music the wind made as it played the trees, flowers and grasses. Coon, an ant I killed in my kitchen, requested dancing lessons and told us it was better in the fairy gardens than where he had been. Cardmah, the leprechaun, gave us his view of gold.


Woonfred was crowned as the new dragon king. He told us there were now twenty-six dragon eggs waiting to hatch. Baby dragon Joyous had a birthday party during which she accidentally burned two batches of cotton candy—given to her by Charlie—to a crisp. A dragon academy was created on Joyous so that dragons could learn how to interact with humans.


The Swizzlers were “squashbucklers” in a play Charlie wrote. He requested gold teeth to enhance his squashbuckler portrayal. Charlie, since he had never been beaten at any activity he tried, was very distressed to find that Pootie, the lizard, (four legs, low profile) was unbeatable at skateboard racing.

The Swizzlers’ birthday celebration was held in a copy of Carcassonne Castle with the real Mickey and Minnie Mouse as guests. Charlie and Mickey, since they had no blood, became chocolate syrup brothers.

Charlie got in trouble for using oil paint to make all the horses at our council spotted. He thought that would look good for a parade we were going to have. The horses disagreed.

Cool Stuff:

Gaia informed us that the poncha (smarter than a normal human and able to shapeshift into human form) would be king of all the animals. He was born into a nest of light we scooped up from the vacant Inseanahrah Universe. (It had ascended into the Fifth Realm.) We also got an encyclopedia for animals so that in the future they would be able to communicate with humans.

With Gaia’s permission and assistance all captured and caged animals were moved into fairy gardens and replaced by holograms at the moment of their capture.

Charlie and I spoke with Boris, a caterpillar in Sheliah’s garden, about learning to dance and Charlie volunteered Arthur Murray to teach him. After his lessons and after Charlie made a special splint to assist him in balancing upright, Boris became capable of dancing the tango with his partner. Tulip.

Osiris and Sananda shared information about the Loch Ness Monster, Stonehenge, Noah and crop circles.

Guinevere spoke about her life with Arthur and how he died. Both of them revealed information about Mordred and Morgan le Fay.

Liponie and Cory (the former crystal who didn’t want to be human) told us they were going to have triplets.

Star Tribes:

Many collectives that came to Earth thousands of years ago but were destroyed or became extinct requested to be returned here to resume assisting our evolution. They included: 180 Magyar (ancient Hungarians), 2,704 aborigines, the Ohmahki tribe, many African collectives and the Snow People. We had to locate many of them in subterranean dwellings because their original homes were occupied.

Council Work:

The Chu were still up to their tricks (gene writing, planning to clone an army and more) but the council had been able to subvert all their plans . . . so far. The excellent news was that the entire Inseanahrah Universe ascended into the Fifth Realm and the Nasconerah, Neftoo and Porneeseesee Universes had become entirely non-dual. Whoopee!