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Highlights of Book 2: Blossoming of Love

Highlights of Book Two: Blossoming of Love

Joy Council and Moon Building:

Since Liponie, the genie you met in book one, wanted every element of our Joy Council building on the Moon to come from Earth, Commander Ashtar used one of his ships to assist by secretly mining the crystals he required. Liponie had to keep stretching the building, because although we began with just Tonas, me, Liponie, Osiris, Jesus, Magdalene, Commander Ashtar, Tria, an Agarthan, Aconna, an Atlantean and Sheliah, at one time there were 94,892,382 people supporting the transmissions we sent out. This included but was not limited to ascended Native Americans, ascended members of African and South American tribes and one aborigine.

Fairies Gift to Us:

During one of our first meetings, Sheliah told us, “In all of our (fairy) kingdoms we are very much helping all of the animals and the trees. As they are destroyed in your world, we take them into ours . . . They will be there for you when we move into the higher dimensions.”

More About Fairies, Etc:

There is much information about fairies in this book and in all the remaining chronicles. Gaia told me that elves and gnomes were all males and fairies were all females; they did not have partners, nor did they reproduce. The elves and gnomes were not interested in having female companions but, after much explanation, Sheliah was. Gaia created one boy fairy for her. Sheliah thought he was very cute, named him Rosebud and, giggling, they both ran off to play.

Extinct Species Returned:

Using a template provided by Sheliah and working with Gaia and the Creator, we were able to return to Earth many extinct species (flying horses, merpeople and others) as well as members of species (fairies, elves and gnomes) that were stolen from Earth thousands of years ago. Gaia put them on dimensions not occupied by humans but we will see and interact with them when we reach the 8th dimension. Yeah!

I was excited to learn that four million dragons came back and enjoyed speaking with Woonfred, the dragon king. He explained that the dragons’ top priority was to help Earth evolve and he later joined the Joy Council. At that time he also described his appearance and revealed the truth about dragons and gold.

King, Queen, Former Presidents, Native American Chiefs and a God:

King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, many of their knights, former presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy moved into our council from the Fifth Realm in order to support the work we were doing. It was such an honor for me to speak with them, especially Mr. Kennedy.

Arthur and Guinevere told us about the Round Table and about their lives. History has some happenings correct but from what they told me many details are completely inaccurate.

Many ascended Native American chiefs like Crazy Horse, Black Elk, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Hiawatha and others joined our council in order to lend their support to the transmissions we send out.

Thor, the Norse god of thunder, joined our council and revealed where he came from, where he had been hanging out and what he was all about when he lived on Earth. He did wield a big hammer but we got a lot of his story wrong, too.

CEV’s Trendy Update into Swizzlers:

The one member of the CEV who was able to speak requested bodies for all of them so that they could sit at the Joy Council table. That presented a design challenge for Liponie since they didn’t wish to appear human nor did they want to have a gender. He assisted them to embody into ninety-four, three foot tall, liquid crystalline swizzle sticks.  Only the speaker chose to have a mouth and he told me that they felt very “trendy” as Swizzlers. He also chose to have an orange body and lime green hair.  Tonas remarked that all of them provided quite a spectacle.

How to Assist Yourself as Well as Continue to Assist Earth:

There are still transmissions you may support by travelling energetically to our council building on the 10th dimension of Earth’s Moon. (We also created one in the center of Earth.)