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Reader Reviews

Sue Shaver

“Have totally enjoyed your first book! Thanks for the free tour of the 10th dimension on the Moon! Loved especially your tree house and all the kids living nearby…and the nature, trees, rivers, etc….”


“U.S.’s next BEST SELLER! rivals Harry Potter’s books!
Most readers will think: “What a GREAT science fiction book!”….and probably an agent will make a movie out of this FANTASTIC read! Funny thing though: Anyone who knows Joy (birth name: Joyce)….would know the story IS TRUE!

So….will this be a best seller? It may be before it’s time, but I’d only hope libraries would order several copies, as it would always be “out”….and stores will have to re-order several times! It’s like a Harry Potter story….only it’s REAL!

Will be interesting to see how it’s picked up by people, producers, other authors….but, I for one can’t wait for her next book!”

Michael F. Bray

“I had to buy this book! – I actually kept reading a friends copy and it got to the stage that I just had to get my own copy. I love how I have to take time to read this book, it is not a rush thing, so I find I relax into it and use ease and harmony. It’s a great book, Thank you Joy. :-)”

Jill Marie

“Dive in to this book for the adventure of your life.
Path of sweetness is a magnificent chronicle of the paths leading to our world’s evolution to higher states of conscious awareness. Reading this book, I felt like I was right there in the council with Commander Ashtar and a legion of elevated masters and ascended ones. I could actually see them; sleeves rolled up, strategizing on how to non-manipulatively support and assist us to claim our birthright of sovereignty, peace, prosperity and fuel a graceful collective evolution. What a read….if you buy this book you will be inspired, filled with hope for Earth and humanity and above all, you will feel a part of it all.”


“I became deeply engrossed in the evolution of the characters and couldn’t stop reading simply out of the desire to know what amazing things were going to happen next. My human mind kept wanting to fight the validity of this enchanting story, but my intuition continued to take over allowing me to absorb the deeper wisdom of the text into my being on a cellular level.

What I took away on a profound mental note was a deeper comprehension of “What is really going on out there”, “What is really possible” …and mostly, “What might I actually be capable of?” This book is SO much more than a story…it will change your being…even if you don’t understand how.”

Tamra Garner

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but I can say I was really pleasantly surprised. I was hooked from beginning to end!!! It really opened my mind to all that could be going on behind the scenes of our lives. We are truly never alone. also gained a new awareness of the many new potentials and possibilities for each of us. I can’t wait to read book #2”


“Joy’s books lift your spirit.
You don’t just experience this journey, you live it. It’s not too often that a reader can put down a book and still feel the words resonate throughout their being for a period of time, but I did. I sincerely recommend everyone reads these stories written by such a loving and enlightened spirit.”

Tonya Wilson

“I want to tell everyone about these fascinating, intriguing, profound and also mind expanding chronicles. Buckle your seat belts and get ready for a ride into the new frontier. It is a a ride that is full of out of body adventures that you don’t want to stop. Joy takes you to so many different dimensions, other worlds, universes, galaxies, stars and yes the moon.Joy brings the magic to our hearts and minds. We learn how to evolve and fall in love with all the characters, especially the Joy Council members. Joy’s chronicles are so full of hopefulness and joyfulness for a beautiful future of peace, no more dying and also manifestation of whatever your heart can dream and dream big for the future. I love you Joy and all the council members that have sent their love to our lovely Earth for our evolution.”