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The Spirit of Fun

Hello, I’m Joy Elaine, author of The Joy Chronicles and the topic of today’s world mission is, “The Spirit of Fun.” If you look at a place in the world that is in harmony, people are having fun. Talk to anybody who is light-hearted, and you’ll find that they don’t have anything weighing on them.

We’d like to shift the dynamic for ourselves to have that mindset, but also to fuel and support the energy of the spirit of fun. In doing that, we will hold and radiate a vision from our heart onto the world that will help to diffuse conflict, and light up inspirations and positive focuses to help people make some big changes in their lives; changes that will allow them to stop and smell the roses, and to be able to entertain the idea of having a life free of drama.

As you read on the first slide, I am going to offer you an SVH screen viewing procedure that will enhance your innate abilities, and your participation in this world work. If you have already viewed the SVH screen on another of these missions, you are prepared to do an enhanced version of any or all of the other missions without repeating this process. Simply skip ahead now to the slide that begins the mission.

If you haven’t yet looked at the SVH screen, here’s what to do. Find a quiet place, sit back, close your eyes, and imagine a screen before you—a movie, computer or TV screen.

  1. Silently ask the Creator to load onto your screen the enhancements, as well as any SVH shields and clearings that will benefit you.
  2. Even if you see only darkness, a part of you can see what is on the screen.
  3. Silently ask the Creator (or God, Goddess), if it is okay for the Creator to activate this SVH work for  you.
  4. When you receive an affirmative sense or knowing, all you have to do to have the SVH work immediately put into place, is to say or think, “yes!”
  5. Pause here to allow yourself time to receive your affirmative answer.

Since the topic of our mission is fun, it’s best if we’re holding that for ourselves as we are helping to uplift the rest of the world. So take a moment to think about what your life would be like if you had more fun in it. What do you need to do, or allow, in order to let more fun find its way into your life? Do you need to uplift your relationships, uplift your job experience? One of the main things to quit doing is focusing on the things you don’t like about your life. Instead, practice holding a vision of what your life would look like filled with fun, with no worries, and with plenty of money to pay for all your expenses. See yourself with a positive attitude about the present and the future, and leave the past in the past.

Now, as we have done before, send your consciousness out into the upper atmosphere of Earth. See yourself joined by thousands and thousands of beings and angels as you are floating in space. Since you have an angel on each side of you, just reach over and take their hands. Now look down and see the globe of Earth and a whole ring of angels and people stretching all the way around it. All of us together are holding this uplifting vision of light-heartedness, balance and harmony. Let your heart open, just like a rosebud opening, and feel this energy that’s building. It’s like your heart of hearts is the Sun because your soul is literally going to send a radiant beam to Earth. You’re going to feel as if time is spinning really fast as you watch the Earth turning on its axis. See your spray of the spirit of fun and positive thinking expand like a fan of light from the North Pole down to the South Pole as the Earth turns. With the Sun, we are moving all the way around the Earth in this compressed time that allows us to flow and float. Pause here to enjoy this experience.

Feel the spirit of that fun, and, as you are sending it out, take some of it in for yourself, too. Keep thinking about the grace of life. Part of that grace is gratitude, so remember to stay in gratitude. Gratitude is part of this radiance that your higher consciousness and soul are transmitting.

Anytime you get an uplifting idea, and you have a few minutes, see your consciousness expanding out again as you take the hands of those angels. They are there to support you, and they can radiate and magnify the energy of all that is a part of your soul’s piece. Your soul has your piece that you added to this transmission of the spirit of fun to the Earth. So own it and know that you’ve done something very special today. Hopefully, you’ll think to do it again and again. Stay here as long as you like, and when you feel complete, simply move your consciousness back to Earth.

To find out more about SVH, please visit my other website, www.thejoyoflife.info