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Highlights of Book 3: A Wish Granted

Highlights of Book Three: A Wish Granted

Swizzler Doings:

The Swizzlers received hearts from Gaia and soon thereafter received souls from the Creator. They were eager to experiment with every kind of physical activity imaginable (and, thanks to Liponie, some you never would imagine) since they had existed only as energy from the beginning of creation and began practicing for a genie version of the Olympics.

For the Olympic sack race, Liponie made the sacks so small and tight that everyone but the Swizzlers had their heads down past their knees. The Swizzlers simply made their arms longer and pogo-hopped to triumph. In wrestling, the Swizzlers were impossible to pin since they were naked, greased and they took their hair off.

Swizzler One named himself Charlie Brown (yes, in honor of that Peanuts character) and spoke about what being an individual was like.

Fairy happenings:

I met Sheliah and Rosebud’s baby, Joy. Inspired by the wedding that took place in book two, Sheliah asked me to marry her and Rosebud. Gaia informed me that the fairies in Sheliah’s garden wanted to have a collective wedding. The wedding plans included the brides dancing around a Maypole balanced on top of a large lizard. The vows that Sheliah and Rosebud exchanged were the most tender I have ever had the privilege of hearing.

I visited Sheliah before the wedding and she told me that soon she was going to have another baby. She also said that she hoped Rosebud would not faint for the birth of this one—like their first baby, she’ll lift it out of a rosebud.

Gaia, as a wedding present, gave genitals to the fairies (but only in Sheliah’s garden as a test) and a book explaining how to use them. Those body parts were such a hit that Gaia held a meeting for all the fairy queens to offer them a chance to experience the new body parts for three days.

At the meeting, Sheliah took off on a lively explanation including a demonstration of her vagina. Rosebud had also loaned her his penis to use for demonstration purposes. (Gaia explained that Sheliah could conk him to re-attach it.) She explained that the books Gaia gave to her garden showed many different positions and summed up by saying that there was nothing that was more fun to do, ever. The queens took about three seconds to cast a unanimous vote in favor of trying the penis, the vagina and the book.

Joy Councils for Other Universes:

(See my blog “Ascension of a Universe” for a complete listing of universes.)

Commander Ashtar reported that the Joy Council work had shortened by 200 years Earth’s evolution.

Kyleah, the woman closest to me in my soul lineage, visited our council and asked for assistance for her world, Zhollah, which existed in the Zorah Universe. Sananda suggested that in the past the Swizzlers could include Kyleah’s universe in the transmissions Tonas and I sent to Earth from Inishimora. That laid the foundation for the development of their council as well as subsequent creation and inauguration of their council chamber. We realized that this process was like an ascension foundation template that could be used for all universes.

After we inaugurated a Joy Council in the Zorah Universe, representatives from the other forty-six universes began stepping forward to request a council for their universe so that they could benefit from the transmissions we had been sending to Earth. (From then on transmissions sent out were calibrated for each universe after they joined our affiliation.)

One of my biggest challenges in writing this book was figuring out how to phonetically spell universe names like Bunnuhyahsheah, Ackvidohnon and my favorite tongue twister, the Inzleeookeerah Universe—entirely feminine, by the way. Council member’s names weren’t any easier; try saying Kahkahnohsar Kronosahn from the Kahshar Universe.

Council Parties:

One of the events that I still laugh about is the tractor race we had for our Halloween party. Although the tractors were already running, Kennedy was the first and only one of the contestants to figure out the gears and shoot through a wall of hay (Liponie must have put jet fuel in the motors.) He was kind enough to go back and show the others how to shift so that they could duplicate his feat. He told me that if he had been in his real body he would have jumped off.

For Christmas, Liponie brought the real Saint Nicholas (from the Fifth Realm) to our council and created abodes for the Indians staying at our council.

Charlie sat on Santa’s knee and told him his long list, which included an accordion. Since Charlie loved the music, especially the accordion, on the Lawrence Welk Show, Tonas had 100 accordions on standby. (100 too many in my opinion.) Liponie brought Myron Floren from the Fifth Realm to teach Charlie how to play it.

Romance at the Council:

During a discussion with Tonas about my hesitations of having a permanent relationship (especially marriage), I was much relieved when he vowed not to be sad if we parted. He also promised to find a way to celebrate the time we had together and the friendship that would bud from then on.

Much later, he informed me that we had been discussing marriage (that was news to me) and that I told him he must court me. He assured me he was very fit and capable of meeting any challenge. After I explained some elements of courting, he said that was much easier—and not nearly as bloody—than he thought it would be.

The most interesting romance/courtship in this book occurs between a former crystal named Cory and another council member. (You meet Cory in book two but she doesn’t become a major character until she commits to remaining in a human-type body. She reverted to sitting in a council chair looking like an iceberg with eyes when she began missing the other components of the crystal she used to be part of.) Eventually she decided she liked the idea of eating and perhaps being in a relationship. I thought Commander Ashtar might be a match for her but she had other ideas.

Dragon History:

Woonfred related the history of dragons—they were annihilated twice—and that Osiris was the one who saved the egg out of which he developed. Woonfred said that dragons liked to sit on high perches like the points of a castle wall and that they would place their eggs in caves to watch over until they hatched.

The “Bad” Guys and Scary Stuff:

I learned that a group of beings who came to Earth millions of years before humans were developed have been suppressing the elevation of the collective of Earth for perhaps eighty thousand years. They originated from three worlds in our universe involved in conflict and the species on those worlds do not wish for us to evolve to non-duality.

Plany Ohsheer from the Nordahnee Universe joined our affiliation and soon thereafter all the worlds in her universe were at war. Charlie explained that the work the Joy Councils had been doing had shortened the time until the culmative to about three hundred and fifty years and that individuals in the Nordahnee Universe had a long range plan to swallow all of the universes. Now there was not enough time to do that. Although the Ashtar Command was guarding Earth, there were many outposts in our universe that could have been affected.

Bird “People”:

Emissary Ihroenees, a very tall individual with a green feathered bird head from the Sehhoetica Universe, joined our council and shared information about his species, the Homa.

They only used their wings to fly for ceremonial occasions. He and his mate, Sashirah, had sixty-one children that hatched from eggs. He was forty-five cycles of age and since the Homa only lived for fifty or sixty he learned SVH in hopes of changing that reality for himself. Many Homa had been stolen and killed for their feathers which were believed to be magical.

Planning a Party for the Ultimate Party Planner:

Osiris recommended a genie named The Great Comahlee to help us plan Liponie’s birthday party. I was so downhearted when Comahlee told us that his idea for the celebration was a circus, that I asked my future self to help us.

That part of me, speaking to the assembled guests at Liponie’s party, explained that she had had a conversation with Liponie in the future and asked him what he desired more than anything in the worlds. He told her, “If I can be everything for Joy, give me that, so that I may know that I have done all that I could do for her and for her passion and for our quest that we all join in heart.

My future self continued by explaining that she had seen the future and Liponie, along with our Joy Council teams, had  accomplished what he asked to be able to do. She then guided us in watching the culmative which will occur approximately three hundred and fifty years in the future. We saw the boundaries between the universes erase and merge into one great star that then moved into the Fifth Realm.