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Ascension of a Universe

In Book Three of the Joy Chronicles, A Wish is Granted, emissaries from the other forty-six universes began stepping forward and asking to join our Joy Council. They each wished to have a Joy Council in their universe so that their worlds could benefit from the uplifting transmissions our councils (located inside the Earth and on the 10th dimension of our Moon) had been sending to Earth.

This turned out to be an interesting series of learning experiences as we discovered means to uphold the sovereignty and integrity of the council members that the emissaries selected from the worlds in their universe. Although some of the universes were approaching non-duality, there were none that were completely free of adversity and many of the universes were completely dual in nature.

When the emissary from the Nordahnee Universe asked to join our fellowship, she admitted that her universe had been at war for millions of years. As you can imagine, this information was somewhat daunting; nevertheless, after much turbulence (She was assassinated and then restored to life.) that entire universe became non-dual!  All of us were stunned and jubilant at this news.

Thirteen Universes are Now Non-dual

(At the time of this writing, January 21, 2017, thirteen universes are completely non-dual and three entire universes have ascended into the Fifth Realm.)

On January 20th and 2:20 a.m., I became aware that the Sehhoetica Universe was ascending. Although all of us on the Joy Council are delighted at any amount of enlightenment achieved by any species, world or universe, this ascension touched me deeply.

Members of the Homa Species Are Two-legged and Winged

One of the predominant species of that universe, the Homa, are two-legged and winged. I became close friends with the Homa Emissary Ihroenees and his wife Sahshirah and learned that the Homa come in many different colors, (Ihroenees is a brilliant green and his wife a deep, azure blue) are considered to be quite educated and they only fly during ceremonial occasions. (I was a little disappointed to learn that.)

Their young hatch from an egg which the parents watch over and care for. I found it humorous when Ihroenees said we were kinsmen in this, since, he reminded me, I also came from an egg.

The Homa do not live in trees, but their homes are made out of tree branches. Ihroenees resided in a very large home with his mate, Sahshirah and their sixty-one children. I was surprised by that large number. I was also surprised that they are adults when they are twelve years old and they only live fifty or sixty years.

At the time the Sehhoetica Universe joined our council, Ihroenees was already forty-five years old. Both of us were concerned that he would not live to experience the benefits of their newly established Joy Council. Our council was able to return, alive and well, many of the Homa throughout that universe that had been stolen and killed for their feathers, including several of Ihroenees children. (The feathers were considered magical by other species and only released when the Homa they were attached to was dead.)

You can imagine, or perhaps you can’t, how much joy I felt to know that Ihroenees, all of his kin and every sentient being in that universe had ascended. Later that morning, I was shown a vision of Ihroenees drifting down to enter our Joy Council. He and his wife are now permanent members of the Joy Council.

Dual World: Dual worlds offer the opportunity for residents to experience the many flavors of duality. Light and shadow exist side by side, creating a space for peace and adversity to fuel experiences of harmony and free expression amidst discord and suppression. Earth is a dual world.

Non-Dual World: Non-dual worlds are free of the resistance of duality. Everything co-exists in harmony with no adversarial roles to thwart perpetual states of focused conscious awareness. Instant manifestation is the norm and there is no disease, aging or death.

Fifth Realm: The Fifth Realm is an energy field of Earth associated with (but is not) the 5th dimensional plane. This is the designated space for one’s post ascension expansion. Every being with a soul from every universe will end up there.

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Emissaries from the other forty-six universes began stepping forward and asking to join our Joy Council. They each wished to have a Joy Council in their universe so that their worlds could benefit from the uplifting transmissions  our Joy Councils send out.

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