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Conversation with Buddha about Enlightenment: “Bodhi Day” (The day he experienced enlightenment)

Before I spoke to Buddha, he worked with the Joy Council to put together a universal transmission that he described as being, “the full vision of everyone’s true journey. It is not necessary for us to walk in each other’s shoes to understand one another. It is to understand ourselves. In understanding the spirit of our own selves, we are able then to witness the purity of spirit that is the truth of all beings.”

After I thanked him for helping us, he thanked us for the opportunity to take an important day that has been dedicated to enlightenment and make it a multi-universal day.

Then it seemed like a good idea to ask him to define enlightenment since that is a subject I’ve wondered about for many years.

How Does It Feel to Experience Enlightenment?

Buddha answered: “As a human being like yourself, a journey of enlightenment is a never-ending journey. [Something I didn’t really want to hear. Oh, well.] There is always that little fruit ahead with the nectar so sweet to reach and take to your lips understanding and recognition. The sweetness of that fruit when taken into self is the greatest of pleasure.

The Harmony That You Speak of is a Field of Resonance

In that field if there was blood flowing from any part of your body you would simply look upon it with great wonder and stop it with your mind.  Enlightenment is within and yet it radiates outward to create not only the field for yourself, but you also know that all who come upon your field are in that same space of grace and sweetness that is your truth. That is enlightenment. Nothing is out of reach; it is simply a step away.”

I answer that I have heard of this field he is talking about and that it sounds like something wonderful to have.

“It is something that is developed and you have it. You are simply creating within it the components that you would wish to be ever present.”

Although he says that I have this field, I have to tell him that I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing.

“That also is part of the journey. If it is just out of reach, how can you know the taste of it? You can imagine, you can project forward and take that essence into yourself and live it in advance of developing it. And yet, nothing is sweeter than the nectar which is achieved. You are designing yourself in this moment. You have many very important and heart-felt companions. I call them important because when I was in my evolution days and evolving piece after piece, it was as if I was taking a puzzle and putting the picture together for myself. As I did, I had assistance from some of the same individuals who are assisting you. And yet, I had to reach a certain plateau where I was in readiness for the receiving of what they had to offer and when I reached that point what they had to offer became ever possible and ever present. You are in a place now where you can have many fruits offered to you and they are for your picking.”

Holding a Vision of a World That is Free of Conflict

Before he leaves the council, Buddha remarks that individuals throughout the Earth are holding a vision of a world that is free of conflict. He explains that:



Many of those visions were spawned within the 3rd dimension and so the pictures of what enlightenment and an enlightened world will appear to be are somewhat similar and hold some of the same components. Many people are wishing to skip several steps ahead, but the Earth itself must make its progress.

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