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King Arthur and his Knights


“Our greatest work was in moving the Ark of the Covenant and the treasures in it to the space that is beneath Solomon’s Temple in Israel.” (This temple was destroyed and the Ark was moved from this position to an undisclosed location.)

“My greatest accomplishment was the unifying of the kings to be of peace . . . Our ranks were in the many thousands with representatives at the table . . . The others left aside their crowns so that I could be king of all.”


Confirms that his brothers are Agravain, Gareth and Mordred. He explains that the green knight’s flag was green and not the knight himself and that the knight came to be a part of their covenant. “I was tremendous at sword play. A champion, a lover of horses, great at sport and an avid hunter. I am someone who likes the outdoors.”

“Do you mind telling me how you died?”

“I prefer not to. None of us wish to put the last beat of our heart into a conversation as if it was the sum of the life. It is what happens in the life that is the most exciting and of importance.”

“Do you now look like what you did when you were alive?”

“Of course! I was perfect. I kept only a few scars.”

“Did you marry?”

“I was outdoorsy. Very few of us who were part of the main thrust for Arthur took the time to be family people.”


Says that his story is much the same as that of Gawain. “I am emissary to my father. I am an individual who is very good in sport and in sword. I am strong in arm. I can fight for eight or nine hours; I could fight into the night for my king.”

“The Internet says that you killed Lamorak, Palamedes and Dinadan.”

“Indeed, each of them was a fair fight! It was them or it was me. The fight was strong. These individuals were pro at fighting. They were a part of something great, but if you step away from it, then it is brother against brother and friend against friend. I fight for Arthur. . . There were many who wished to grasp power and they were part of us. They talk among themselves, and they want to overtake. At that point, they are no longer of our circle. They are now a part of those who must be pushed away so that they cannot end the peace.

“For me now, I look upon it as a game. It was not a game to us then. I pledged my life to the purpose of Arthur, and even in my afterlife. Where am I? I am with Arthur. Where is Lamorak? Well, he is not here. He is welcome here; however, he has other endeavors. All is forgiven in the afterlife. . . Those of us who were the strongest and most passionate follow Arthur to this day. Not because he is our boss. It is because he is our king forever!”


“The Internet says that you are one-handed.”

“It became quite infected. If you keep the hand, you will die. It had a smell. I lost my left hand. Thank the gods that I did not lose my hand that wields the sword.” (He has two hands now.)

“I also read that you returned Excalibur into the lake after Arthur was gone.”

“I had a dream, and that dream was that I must return it to the Lady of the Lake. I traveled to the lake, and I cast it. She stood and caught it! I believe it was her that sent me the dream . . . She was beautiful and shapely. I could see through her like she was a waterfall.”

“I read that you were handsome.”

“Undeniably, even one handed! Many women desired me, and I fulfilled them greatly. One doesn’t need an extra hand for that, you know.”

“I was free lance.”

“Is there anything else you’d like to tell me?”

“You are doing great work for the world. It is admirable. It is more than a humble mind such as myself in my time could have understood. And I think, possibly, even those who are in the time that you live now, it would be more than most could understand or embrace fully as a true understanding of the work. Shall we begin listing all your accolades.”

“I don’t remember much of what we’ve done.”

“I do not see the faces of those that I have killed. I left them behind on the battlefields. Because, indeed, if they are against the peace, they are making their choice to find my blade. That is the way it was, and I do not regret anything in my life.”


Confirms that Lancelot was his father. I read to him this quote from the Internet: After seeing the Grail, Galahad makes the request that he may die at the time of his choosing. “Did you actually ask that?”

“Interesting that you would say that. What a glorious journey and quest it was to position the Ark and the other treasures. At that point, I felt that I had completed all that I had come to. How could I make a top to it? And I had tremendous rheumatism. It was very painful, but it was not from this that I was wishing to escape life. It was, in a way, a sense within me that my next quest would be beyond life. And so, in choosing this, it was granted.”

“It also said that you bid Percival and Bors farewell and the angels took you to heaven.”

“Well, they always do.” I giggle, and he adds, “Everyone who makes their way to the afterlife, it is always through those that show themselves with wings. It’s a benevolent act, so we will not be afraid. . . My body died. I laid it down to die, and I was escorted. Every human who chooses to go into the afterlife is met in such a way.

“If they knew how peaceful it is to see their beautiful faces and their smiles of glory and their beautiful spread wings. There is an aura about them of golden light and peacefulness. You simply want to fall into their arms . . .  Your story makes me appear as Jesus. It was not so; I made a traditional transition. However, in my mindset, I have done it! It was an important quest to keep the implements safe.”

“How did you get to the temple?”

“We went by boat. We brought our horses and crossed the desert—not very far. When we came to the walls of Jerusalem that is where we entered. We were welcomed. We placed the implements within the holy vaults of the temple.”

“What is the Ark of the Covenant?”

“It is a treasure box. Within it are several implements that still exist to this day. It is like a time capsule, really.”

“How many of you were involved in this?”

“Many hundreds, my dear. Each of us at the Round Table were representative of their armies and of the castles, all in the region. We did cross with our horses and wagons. There needed to be with us an actual army in the event we ran onto someone who wanted to take the treasure.”

“Where did you find the treasures?”

“We quested. They were stolen and we quested until we found them. They were all over our world which was Europe . . . Then we made our way back to the temple for it was from there that they were stolen.


“My greatest accomplishment was joining those who quested to find the treasures and restore them to the great temple. It is interesting that one would think of their life in terms of things they have done. I simply lived and breathed, followed my king, and quested which took up many years. It took most of my elder life.”

“How many years did you look for the treasures?”

“Oh, forty at least. Solomon was the guardian and it was his temple that was the house of the treasures of these histories. Most of them were gold, but many were not. They had value, history, jars of wisdom, scrolls written on the skins and sealed even until this day. There were many jewels. These were of less interest to us, but we were looking for everything we could return. I would say that more than half of what was taken was returned.”

“One of these days we’ll know what everything was.”

“I understand that you are very close to having the awareness to know all of the histories and to join us if you wish.”


“I was in love with a woman with hair of red. She was beautiful and had blue eyes. Her skin was very white.”

“Maybe she was Irish.”

“Possibly, however, her mother and father had dark hair. So there was always a question. I coveted her from afar.” He laughs. “We all had many affairs. We were champions, and all wanted to bed us. Which is probably why this girl had red hair. Perhaps others were out in war or fighting and some other individual came through. There is always the history, though, where some red herrings can come through.

“We were what you would now consider a rock star. Our clothes were always beautiful. We had stature; we were the king’s men; we wore signet rings. We were subject to what the king knew and would tell.”


“I, too, was a man for the ladies. I think I was a father to many sons and daughters that I never came to know. My seed was strong and so too were my arms. We are talking now about loving women. However, I also was, and remain to this day, one who loves the games. I love sport; I love to hunt and to throw heavy things. Even though I have not for thousands of years. I still could, in my mind, pick up a big rock, throw it and find pleasure in it.”

“We have games where men pick up heavy stones and place them on barrels.”

“Perhaps they learned it from me. I don’t put them on a barrel. I would throw them. You have the Greeks as well. They love to throw heavy things. Of course, they were doing it naked. I wore clothing.”


“In looking at my life, I think my greatest glory was my commitment. My commitment to God, to my king and to my vessel to keep it strong. I always was a champion of those who were weak and could not stand for themselves. All of us were, indeed, unless they were our enemies, and they were weak. Then we were happy to cut their heads off. I do not wish to make us sound as bloodthirsty. We fought because that was the way of the times.   

“Now, there is a new way. You think and things change. You are coming into that period of thought. You are spearheading it. You are sending that message out to all. So too are others and it is a much better way. Not as much glory. In the end there will be.”


“I saved you to the last.”

“Of course you did, my dear, because you are looking for some juice.”

We both laugh. I add, “I think you wanted to speak to me privately, but perhaps you have something to share with the group.”

“I believe that the greatest quest of all, among all that was a part of my journey, was my quest for love. In the end, I turned my thoughts to how I missed out on the greatest love that could ever have been. That is the love of myself. The passion of the loins and the heart beating quickly and the need for the primal touch. All of these are beautiful ways of expressing oneself, indeed. However, the quiet stream of that inner peace and acceptance, is truly the quest, and it is now, in this time that you live, that this is being understood.”

“Those of us of our group who are working to be in the 7th dimension are trying to understand that.”

“Indeed, however, there are many hundreds of thousands of others who do not know what you do that are rising to remember as well. To remember that awareness that occurs at the birth moment of light that shines into the eyes of a little one who is born. There is an awareness of that love, of that all encompassing truth of that love, and I believe that is the greatest quest of all. To live a life to be able to find that. There are many on this world who are putting their heart into that quest. You and all of you will be the first into that next stage, but it is through that that you give passage to those who I speak of other than yourself. I do not believe that any of you know, truly, of your importance. Each of you on this quest is indeed holding in your hands the history that is to be made.

“Yes, I loved someone who belonged to another, but that is not my story. Many of us feel the love for others who are taken or who we cannot have. That is part of the inner urge to make oneness and remember that we are that love. Through that feeling and emotion we are drawing it to ourselves so that we can have even a spark of that sense which we knew when we were firstborn . . . That light of realization that we are now physical and in the life that this body was created to vessel us forward on our quest. How many make it to that moment of recognizing that they are the purest essence of that which is The Great One. Perhaps those beautiful, winged ones they truly give the sense to individuals. They are filled with so much love you are reminded in that moment of how precious you are and how you are being called back into the arms of the oneness of that love. Knowing that, in the embodied life, coming to that recollection . . . to come to its true meaning within ourselves is the quest. It is the Sangraal (Holy Grail) of this time.”

“I agree with you. Thank you.”

“I think you got more than you made a bargain for.”

Arthur tells me that the ten knights who are not present are in positions in the world where they can be of most assistance.

I thank everyone for their help. Tonas says, “Everyone is honored to work for you and for the world. Very honored, indeed. Please know this. We work for the world and you.”


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