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Honoring the Divine Feminine

Much of book one, Path of Sweetness, is devoted to transmissions focused on assisting to balance the energy of the divine feminine with the energy of the divine masculine.

I personally have struggled for much of my life to honor and acknowledge the feminine energy I embody. Much of my childhood and young adult years were spent wishing I was a boy. Women, to my way of thinking, just didn’t lead very interesting lives; I wasn’t interested in cleaning house, cooking, sewing, washing dishes and I really, really wanted to be a jockey—an occupation that was unheard of at that time.

I have come to appreciate the beauty and wisdom that women embody and I want to share with you some of the words of the masters at the Joy Council concerning the feminine.


Isis shared this vision with our council in book two, Blossoming of Love, and the council sent it to Earth via a transmission:

“The vision, my dear, will be of the true power of the heart. The power of the heart is love, and we, as women, as the female, we hold the truest love. This is not to say that the fathers of children love them any less than the mothers, and yet, you know that we hold a dearest love that is immeasurable.

If all of you will take the vision of our beloved Joy and all the females who are part of our council and transmit it into the center of this crystal along with the true measure of the female balance of our heart, of the love that is unique to us and of our inner strength, our inner focus and of our justice. For in that, you know there is no resistance within any male or even the masculine part of any female. When there is justice and unconditional love there is only the melting of the hearts.”


In book three, A Wish is Granted, I asked Sif, Thor’s mate, about the strength of women. Here is what she said:

“… it is true that the woman, the feminine, the goddess that is within is the true power of all existence; it is the seed of creation. The recognition of that power allows the calming of the heart of the masculine, for when there is an empowerment within the woman she then is not to be rescued. When there is the need to rescue there is the impression that the being is of less relevance. You have a short period of time of duality remaining, yet there is struggle that can be alleviated if there is more of an empowerment of the woman deep within, especially in some cultures.” 

Her idea was that all of the women in our council could begin a transmission to support the elevation of the spirit within women. She clarified that this would not be a warrior spirit, but a strong spirit of confidence.  

As we sent out this transmission (September 17, 2014) I asked the Creator to imbue it with the strength of a woman in her divine feminine version. “This is an empowerment of self so that women can feel strong and have no need to prove anything to anyone. It is just our nature to be worthy, vibrant and complete in ourselves. We love ourselves. That vibration is what I wish to send out as well as a blessing and an empowerment for women so that they know they are safe, balanced, loved and perfect. All of you pour your divine versions of this to assist the women and the men of Earth of all cultures.”


And finally in book two, Blossoming of Love, Hiawatha shared with me the thoughts of the elders (men and women who represent all the Native American tribes) existing energetically in the Buffalo’s Heart—a place in North Dakota.

“There is one thought of heart that comes from the feminine. They believe it is time for the energy of the feminine to rise evenly amongst those braves who are a part of Earth tribes that exist today. It is that transmission of the balance that they are wishing to see brought to Earth’s one tribe. There has been much done on this topic, and yet they wish to offer a vibrational transmission that you can send from the arrow.

The elders of the tribes wish to remind all beings that we all come from the same spark of light that is instilled with the wisdom of the Earth. If people open their hearts to the wisdom of the Earth they will hear again the heartbeat of it. Once they have heard the heartbeat of her, they will be able to also hear once again the herds restored upon this land. They will hear the hooves crashing against the terra as the buffalo move into all different positions of Earth to feed, to bring comfort, to clothe and to bring warmth and shelter.”

This transmission was sent to Earth from the Joy Councils on August 25, 2014.


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