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A Perfect World

Thank you for taking part in these world missions. I’m Joy Elaine, author of The Joy Chronicles, and today’s mission is “A Perfect World.” Whatever it is that people think of as perfect, and what they judge as less than perfect, doesn’t typically have anything to do with the real underpinning of what perfection truly is and how it would exist for us on Earth.

Whatever feels like it’s comfortable, fuels your passion and gives you hope for tomorrow, is really the perfection that is for you. Although your vision of perfection is probably different from other peoples’ visions of perfection, there truly is an energy, a resonance of harmony, peace, prosperity and kindness that makes up the foundation for a perfect world.

As you read on the first slide, I am going to offer you an SVH screen viewing procedure that will enhance your innate abilities, and your participation in this world work. If you have already viewed the SVH screen on another of these missions, you are prepared to do an enhanced version of any or all of the other missions without repeating this process. Simply skip ahead now to the slide that begins this mission.

If you haven’t yet looked at the SVH screen, here’s what to do. Find a quiet place, sit back, close your eyes, and imagine a screen before you—a movie, computer or TV screen.

  1. Silently ask the Creator to load onto your screen the enhancements, as well as any SVH shields and clearings that will benefit you.
  2. Even if you see only darkness, a part of you can see what is on the screen.
  3. Silently ask the Creator (or God, Goddess), if it is okay for the Creator to activate this SVH work for you.
  4. When you receive an affirmative sense or knowing, all you have to do to have the SVH work  immediately put into place, is to say or think, “yes!”
  5. Pause here to allow yourself time to receive your affirmative answer.

Now we are ready to begin our mission. It’s important for each of us to send our vision of perfection out to the world, but also to the heart of Gaia. This would be Earth hearing from us what we would like to see as the most ideal situation. Gaia, the embodiment of the essence of Earth, who is also a member of our Joy Council, has assured me that when Earth reaches the 8th dimension, every element of our planet will be restored to its pristine nature! I’m excited about that future reality, and, as you will learn when you read The Joy Chronicles, focused on bringing it about sooner, rather than later.

If we each hold the vision of what we believe would be perfect for ourselves, we’re not only fueling it for ourselves, we’re also putting that vision out into the collective consciousness. It is extremely important that when you send your vision out, you include only positive choices. Please do not vision or speak about what you do not like or any situations that you are concerned about. Only include words, thoughts and visions of what you do choose, what you do desire. That way you avoid throwing a bucket of water on your manifestation fire.

Right now, close your eyes and imagine a globe of Earth floating in front of you. Let your heart, not your mind, send a transmission of gratitude to Gaia. Gratitude for the opportunity to be living on this wonderful world where we are constantly supplied with beautiful air to breathe, trees and flowers to enjoy, and everything we need to sustain us and help us to flourish.

Please hold with me now the vision for a peaceful world where the newspapers only print stories about the county fairs and good things that people are doing. I’m focused on sending, just from my heart, not from my mind, a vision to Gaia of crystal clear streams and rivers and dolphins jumping in the ocean. Pause here to consider the positive vision you want to transmit. When you have it complete, breathe it out to the Earth. Perhaps you can also think these words, “Thank you Gaia, for the opportunity to live here. This is what I am holding as a vision for you.”

While you are holding your vision, here are three of my personal visions that I’d like to ask you to support as part of a perfect world so that you are helping to fuel the manifestation of the things that make my heart sing. I see a world where people respect and care for the nature that surrounds them, even if it’s just a tiny patch of grass or a window box of flowers. I see people loving and caring for the animals in their lives including animals living on farms. I see a world where people love what they do and do what they love.

Now take a minute or so to focus on more of the things that you love, the things that you would like to see more of for our Earth, and continue to transmit those visions into the heart of Gaia. When you are through, seal your visions with a kiss.

To inspire your visions for Earth, please read my blog articles: “Dream our Magical Future” and “Help Dream the 8th Dimension into Reality.”

For more information about SVH, please visit my other website, www.thejoyoflife.info